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Not sure about the rest but "WhatsApp" is one of the worst for privacy, google for more info on it, i won't use apps due to the fact they record your calls and sell your data and keep it on a file next to your name or IP etc. Great article by the way, what i would like to see is some links or info on firewall type apps for android which lets us block apps outgoing connections which in theory might allow us to continue using apps while blocking the data they sent out, perhaps? Hi Mag, What about just unmark "auto-update" , stopping apps , and let them not start when the phone boots?

In that way you can test it. I see as well AppOps here, and I am going to give it a try. Should take me less then 30 minutes, I guess. And yes, I am doing this since Play Store activated all my apps to update, If Kingo Root is the same with King Root then thats a big no no.

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I've used it once to to root my phone, it immediately installed unwanted apps on my phone. Upon further inspection, it also open several connection to unknown server on china. There's an app to remove the kingo root and replaced them with SuperSU, but I still feel 'dirty' afterward Thanks for the article Berthel. I'm trying to minimize my use of Google, but so far I haven't found any service to replace Google Contacts and Gcal without a lot of hassle.

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I presume that such a service won't be free of charge. It might not save the photos of your contacts, I haven't really looked at that. It doesn't sync them either, nor run periodically so you have to remember to do it. It creates a file on the sdcard. I don't remember if FolderSync requires Play Store authentication or not, but something similar can be used to automate uploading it to a cloud account or your own server using Tasker.

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It would be nice if there was something for contact syncs, as it wouldn't be difficult to automate with already existing tools, the problems above are that exporting them isn't automated with that app, and Foldersync may or may not work without Google Verification. I appreciate the article.

I've been struggling with Google claustrophobia! I can't take a step or even turn around without bumping into Google's 'log-in' demands. I just bought a new tablet tonight, and I 'googled' :D "do I really need to have a Google account to use my tablet". Google generously dropped your article right into my lap, LOL. This article is very compelling. I came upon it while searching for methods related to setting up an Android device.

The reasoning is well thought-out and discussed. I have become more aware of what options one has when delving into another spectrum of IT. I greatly appreciate the time that was expended in developing the article and kudos to those who took the time to comment.

Unless u can roll your own port of Linux instead Google's Android, All these are vain, been there, done that, stripped down every bit of google's service, even gave up to watch YouTube which relies on google services framework , but leads nowhere, just check your settings. People tend to literally worship their "convenience" and many if not most of them will take it any day over "inconveniences" of protecting this "illusory nonsense" called privacy.

Few people realize, that in the process they quite often sacrifice not only their own privacy but also privacy of their loved ones, friends, colleagues, etc. But who cares, they are just "contacts": numbers, pictures, right? The process of getting there took me probably less time than some people are spending per day secretly playing games at "work" when their boss is away.

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And I am glad that I had, and could, execute my freedom because Mate your comprehension of English is better than many native speakers I know, and I live in England XD lol, as for the rest I think you've nailed it. It would seem that some people justify their privacy being gang-banged by saying: look, they have all my data, and I'm okay, it didn't do me any harm. Which would be a perfectly valid statement if they've added "yet" at the end. Sure for now, other than marketing companies trading our data, there isn't much that would directly affect us in any adverse way.

Let's entertain for a second though, that the law changes, and freedom of speech is banned completely, and if you're payong attention lately, it's already started happening.. Then the Orwel's nightmare becomes our reality. But yeah, sure, it doesnt matter that we rely more and more, and also are required to trust more and more a company that ultimately always will have its own best interest in mind. A company which has accumulated so much wealth and therefore power that it can actualy influence our laws.

I'm sure everyone is familiar with lobbying Sent from my rooted, de-googled phone running cyanogenmode I totally agree with you. But we need user friendly root options that actually work.

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Every time I've gotten a new phone, the last 3 or 4 times, expecting it to be able to be rooted, there's always some excuse why it can't be, so I've about given up. Either a "newer" one is being released and this one is therefore root project abandoned, or it's some cryptic one-letter off type that isn't "supported" by the rooting community. No matter how expensive, or economical, or flagship or not. I find more valuable the benefits I receive from Google that the hypothetical privacy risk I allow to "let Google in".

It's only mutually beneficial that Google is willing to offer those services in exchange to know that I am into electronics, astronomy and outdoors himalayan sex, which I don't care they know. Saying "I don't need privacy, because I have nothing to hide" is just like saying "I don't need free speech, because I have nothing to say". For navigation you could try maps. Also based on OpenStreetMap but way more user friendly compared to osmand. It's free and open-source as well. APK is available on their website.

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Just imagine the people that use Google Fiber to connect their google devices to the google service. End to end google knows everything you do. The idea of that is what puts me off of Project Fi as well. I like Google, but that's a little much for me. Nice article man! I also went Google free a while back and seriously the thing that hit me the most was that I couldn't use many apps I love because the require play services.

I found this open source version of play services by a guy named Marvin over at xda. Although its not very stable but you can check it out if you want. Just search for microg gmscore on xda it will show up. How is it working out for you? A lot of time has passed since this article, but I wouldn't have kept a googleless android without microG. It is now far more stable to be honest, I have never noticed any crash that could be attributed to it and I have yet to find an app that I couldn't use whether from AmazonStore or a downloaded apk.

OmniRom does it almost out of the box, otherwise you have to fiddle with the Xposed framework. Well written and thought out article! Don't you wish the U. S carriers would just let Ubuntu Phone happen here already?.. Personally I would have installed it long ago if the speeds were even up to 3g standards. The fact that they are only at 2g is the only reason I'm still on Android.

I'm not sure if I would go out and buy an Ubuntu Phone myself, but I would love to see it hit the market stateside. Well can't tell about current status as I'm not using it right now, but when I did a while back things were not much stable and there were crashes here and there. But hey at least someone's trying. Maybe it gets more support and matures a little then things would be interesting.

Only someone without any pressing demands on their time or serious responsibilities to uphold in life, I. A idiot hipster college student, would spend this much time working harder for less in return.

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No body cares what pr0n site you go to, what games you pirate, what conspiracy theory de jour that you believe in this week. If anything you did or knew was actually a threat to anything with real power, you would be dead already. Just like every other privacy paranoid, your greatest fear isn't actually that they are listening, but that your life is so painfully effeminate and average that Big Brother isn't even aware you ever existed. A life so plain, living it or not makes no difference. Just wait until porn mail shows up in your snail mail box addressed to you and your kid is reading it.

Or any other thing that you may have searched gets sold off to some scab. You dont think much about privacy until the day comes an you find out how someone took over your bank account or email etc.

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Corporations already control those in your government, they control your police. But that's what they want you to do: spend " To get control, they must first spy on everyone and everything. To make people accept an inhuman lack of privacy, they must make everyone fear terrorism or some abstract never-ending 'war'. Same as the War On Drugs which was designed to lay the ground for such human rights abuses. It's not complex logic, you just have to be willing to live in reality. Otherwise your kids will be shouldering your generation's share of the burden, and the Orwellian "boot stamping on a human face.

Your choice. Not the worthless-life people's. Stop projecting or reframing it to where it's none of your responsibility. It's ALL of ours. He he, the author got it upside down. The reason for using Android is to get all the Google advantages Personally I've waited years for a solid open source mobile operating system, and as it turns out, one is already here.

Starting without the Google Play Services Framework makes the dependencies much easier to find. I have an a retirex old Nexus S with about 13 gb of free storage which I want to store music on and play but google won't let me use Google Play music without registering an account with phone number , email address and updating and activating Google Play Services.

How can I get around that. And to the author of the article you didn't explain how to get rid of Android? Like one of the posts in here said disabling google apps does not mean getting rid of Android.