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The Xiaomi Mi 9 also delivers on the camera front, packing a triple rear Cameras: 48, 12, and 16MP; Front camera: 20MP; Battery: 3,mAh; Software: Android Pie The best part of the phone is that it's really affordable — check out the Below the main lens you'll find a 12MP 2x telephoto lens.
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We did not notice one with our eyes, which CalMAN and our photo spectrometer reinforced. The display will induce reflections on sunny days, but that will not prevent you from being able to read it. Having the device set to manual brightness will make seeing things onscreen trickier than if you leave auto-brightness on though, the reasons for which we covered at the start of the Display section of this review.

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The SE has great viewing angles too, as the photo montage below demonstrates. We noticed no brightness, colour or image distortions even at acute viewing angles. Hence, you should have no issues with reading the display from practically any angle. The chip succeeds the Snapdragon and can clock up to 2.

The SoC integrates a total of eight processor cores. We will also shortly be publishing a Snapdragon and Snapdragon comparison article that will go into depth about the differences between the two SoCs. The midrange SoC cannot compete with the Snapdragon or Snapdragon in our flagship Xiaomi comparison devices. However, it consistently outperforms the Snapdragon , Snapdragon , Exynos and Exynos Subjectively, our review unit runs smoothly, but we did notice some delays.

MIUI aggressively clears apps from the system cache, which means that our review unit regularly has to reload apps that we recently used. By contrast, other comparable custom versions of Android are not as aggressive. Update: Please see our Snapdragon benchmarks article for more information about the SoC. We have also compared it against the Snapdragon along with the Snapdragon and Snapdragon The SE breezed through web-browsing though during our tests.

Chrome consistently loaded pages quickly, while scrolling always remained smooth. Our review unit performed well in browser benchmarks too. Our review unit outperformed most of our comparison devices, although there is room for improvement with the speed at which the SE writes small blocks of data. The Adreno handles all modern triple-A games with ease. We also had no issues with any sensors or the touchscreen during our gaming tests either.

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The case and the display of our review unit hardly heat up in daily use. The device will feel warm to the touch while playing games, but it should never feel uncomfortably hot. We also subjected our review unit to looped GFXBench battery tests to see how it managed its performance under extreme load. The complex Manhattan 3. The SE has a single speaker on the underside of its frame, which reached a maximum of 82 dB A during our tests. The speaker has surprisingly good sound quality for a midrange smartphone, which makes the SE ideal for watching YouTube videos or listening to the occasional song.

As expected, the speaker reproduces hardly any bass, but that is a wider problem of most laptops and smartphones. Mid-tones tend to dominate the frequencies produced, but at least the speaker does not sound shrill at high volumes. There are some super high-pitched frequencies, but these should not sound irritating in daily use. Disappointingly, the SE does not have a headphone jack, which would have been useful.

However, Xiaomi includes a Type-C to 3. Our review unit delivered decent-sounding and loud audio to the headphones and external speakers with which we tested its headphone jack, so there are no complaints here. The SE has comparatively low power consumption thanks to its efficient SoC.

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Our review unit consumed a minimum of 0. In short, it consistently consumed less power than our comparison devices. Please keep in mind that some of this is down to MIUI, which aggressively manages apps to save battery. It does so vigorously that you must manually tweak power-saving settings to allow some app notifications to come through. Moreover, many of our comparison devices have between 3, mAh and 4, mAh batteries. Only the Xperia 10 has a smaller battery than the SE.


Correspondingly, our review unit has worse battery life overall than all our comparison devices except for the Xperia The SE lasted for around 8. Those who frequently check their smartphone will probably need to bring a charger with them as the SE will not get them through a full workday. Xiaomi bundles an 18 W quick charger in the box. With the Mi 9 SE, Xiaomi has succeeded in creating an appealing midrange smartphone with a compact design. The SE takes on some of the flagship features of its big sibling while keeping costs down.

Xiaomi has equipped the device with a high-contrast OLED panel, beautiful cameras and a decent mono speaker along with a premium-looking case. Most of our criticisms become obsolete with the purchase of the global edition of the Mi 9 SE.

However, the battery capacity and LTE coverage are surprisingly low regardless of which model you buy. Moreover, the lack of a microSD card slot, IP certification, a notification LED or a headphone jack all seem like missed opportunities to create an even greater midrange smartphone than the Mi 9 SE already is.

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If you are looking for an all-rounder that will not break the bank, then the Xiaomi Mi 9 SE could be the device for you. The Mi 9 SE is a fantastic midrange smartphone at either price though. Android Touchscreen Smartphone. Qualcomm Snapdragon Qualcomm Adreno Note: The manufacturer may use components from different suppliers including display panels, drives or memory sticks with similar specifications. The Xiaomi Mi 9 SE colour variants.

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Xiaomi Mi 9 SE full resolution. Right-hand side: volume rocker, power button. Top side: microphone, IR blaster. Left-hand side: card slot. Quick Settings — light mode. Settings — light mode. Settings - dark mode. Quick Settings — dark mode. Default home screen. GPS Test: Inside. GPS Test: Outside. Contacts search panel. Photo taken with the 20 MP front-facing camera. Photo taken with the 48 MP sensor. Photo taken at 2x zoom. Wide-angle photo. Default camera app filters. Default camera app viewfinder.

Default camera app settings.

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  7. Default camera app modes. Video mode. Video settings. Manual mode. Video modes. Image Comparison Choose a scene and navigate within the first image. Scene 1 Scene 2 Scene 3 click to load images. Xiaomi Mi 9 SE.

    Xiaomi Mi 9 Review – A contender for the best value flagship smartphone

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