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affected by an Android bug that turns phones into spying devices Camera apps in phones by Google and Samsung have been affected by Google regularly releases updates to its mobile operating system ALSO READ: | Google is rolling out Pixel 4-inspired Google Assistant to old Android phones.
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Apps will also be able to set a preferred screen refresh rate, so for the increasing amount of phones that feature variable rates the Google Pixel 4 being among them , the handset will be able to adjust automatically when open. Some improvements to additions from the first Developer Preview have landed too, with 5G detection getting more granular so that apps can more accurately tell when a user is on a high-speed network and adapt its experience accordingly.

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Google IO is canceled: will we still hear about Android 11, Pixel 4a and more? New features One of the main new additions found in DP2 is support for apps to communicate with the hinge sensors in foldable phones , allowing them to detect the angle that the phone is folded at and behave accordingly. Android 11 will tell you if you're not doing wireless charging properly Android 11 could let you double-tap the back of your Pixel to launch apps Android 11 preview shows the Google Pixel 5 might have premium charging feature Some improvements to additions from the first Developer Preview have landed too, with 5G detection getting more granular so that apps can more accurately tell when a user is on a high-speed network and adapt its experience accordingly.

We have all seen how trustworthy ad platforms are during our daily use of the web. Pop-ups, pop-unders, auto-playing videos, inappropriate adverts, ads that take over the whole screen — the list goes on. Overall, connections to AWS should be considered innocuous. However, it highlights the open nature of connected devices. Android guards against this in several ways, including by enforcing permissions on apps, and with services like Play Protect. This is why side-loading apps can be very dangerous.

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Since PiNet allowed me to capture every network packet, I was keen to check to see if Google was secretly spying on me by activating the microphone on my Pixel 3 XL and sending the data to Google. As any politician will tell you, an open mic is a hazard to be avoided at all costs! The device is meant to listen locally for the keyphrase, without connecting to the internet.

If everything checks out, the device sends audio to Google in real-time until either a command is understood, or the device times out. There is no network traffic at all, even when I talked directly at the phone. Google offers a service called Takeout which allows you to download all your data from Google, ostensibly so you can migrate your data to other services.

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However, it is also a good way to see what data Google has on you. If you try to download everything the resulting archive can be huge maybe more than 50GB , but that will include all your photos, all your video clips, every file you have saved on Google Drive, everything you uploaded to YouTube, all your emails, and so on.

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However, if I exclude those bulky media items from the download and concentrate on activity and metadata, the download can be quite small. I downloaded my Takeout recently and had a poke around to see what Google knows about me.

The data arrives as one or more. Diving into each folder shows what Google knows about you in that area.


At first, there was nothing surprising. I expected a list of my Reminders, since I created them using Google Assistant, so Google should have a copy of them. There was also an HTML file with a transcript of all those commands. It turns out Google processes all your email messages looking for purchases and creates a record of them. The one that really shocked me was in the Purchases folder. Here Google had a record of everything I have ever purchased online. The oldest item was from , when I purchased some airplane tickets.

I have purchase records for items from Amazon, eBay, and iTunes. There are even records of birthday cards I bought.

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You have probably seen this especially with regards to flights. If you open an email from an airline, Gmail helpfully puts some summary information about your flight in a special tab at the top of the message.

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When someone forwards you an email about something they have purchased, Google can even inadvertently parse it as a purchase you have made! Social media and privacy are in some ways contradictory. Turns out most people were happy to volunteer it. All the big social media sites, including Facebook and Twitter, have privacy policies and they are fairly broad in what they cover.

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So, is your device connecting to Twitter and allowing Twitter to determine things like your age, the language you speak, and what things interest you? Here is the key question: if I didn't have a smartphone, would that stop entities from spying on me if they wanted to?

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  • The biggest problem with connected devices and online entities is not what they are doing, but what they could do. Neither is Facebook. Neither is the government. Is some hacker or government spy somewhere activating the mic on your phone to listen to you? No, but they could. Did I see any such activity with my devices?

    It could still happen to someone else.