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Meizu. Affordable luxury camera phone. Custom full screen more handy. The Meizu X8 comes with a.
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Here are the best Meizu phones you can get your hands on

You can easily Update Meizu X8 software for free. Download and install the latest version of Android OS. The software update may fix slowdown issues, and install new features. Backup all Android Data before updating your mobile. This is the best method to update your Meizu X8 phone software. You can speed up and get new features after updating your mobile software.

This software update method will not erase any data like photos, apps, and contacts on your phone. But you must back up your phone data to prevent data loss. First, download the latest software version for your Meizu X8 phone and move it to the root directory of your Meizu phone storage or SD card without decompressing ;.

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You can download the firmware for your Meizu X8 phone for free. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. Meizu X8 released on the September 19 but due to production problem they released it 26 October.

Affordable luxury camera phone

Meizu claimed officially that the device sold out within 5 minutes. It seems like its very difficult to buy this incredible machine. Is it worth to buy?

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How it's performing? What the users are saying about it?

Meizu X8 Global Dual SIM TD-LTE 64GB M852H (Meizu M1852)

Go through this review to get the answers in detail. Meizu X8 is Meizu's first bangs full-screen mobile phone, You know full-screen mobile phone is buzzing around the market. It has 6. This is known as the world's smallest 20 million megapixel camera, speakers, ambient luminosity, infrared distance sensing is also available. Meizu X8 not only support face recognition but also fingerprint recognition.

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Insufficient light, it does face recognition very fast. Note that, there is almost no difference between face recognition and fingerprint recognition.

Why is Meizu X8 better than Meizu 16?

It is worth mentioning that the Phantom X8 screen Edge has a certain arc, the finger sliding at the edge is very comfortable, like creamy smooth. Dual camera, flash and fingerprint recognition on the back of the fuselage are located on the midline, at the bottom of which is the logo of the Meizu, and the overall symmetrical design looks comfortable. Meizu X8 on the back of the first use of bright porcelain stack process, visually slightly some ceramic texture, both sides of the arc design and the border perfect transition, resulting in excellent perception and feel.

But like most mobile phones that use glass rear shells, although the texture is up, the disadvantage is easy to stain fingerprints, at the same time too smooth, without shell words in the hands is a kind of adventure, how to say, fish and bear paw cannot be both is it. As a non-flagship machine, Meizu X8 with Valiant Dragon should be the highest specification available, with up to 6GB of memory another 4GB version , so there is no need to worry about performance. In addition, the Valiant integrates the AIE Artificial intelligence engine for artificial intelligence, resulting in a twice-fold improvement in the overall performance of AI.

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On the Androbench 5 run score, which tests the reading and writing speed of the memory chip, the sequential reading speed of the machine is In the actual experience, the popular "Glory of the King" can run smoothly under the highest picture quality, with an average frame rate of 60FPS, with almost a few drop frames occurring. And in the daily experience, Brush Weibo, friends Circle, visit Taobao, Jingdong no pressure, paddle very smooth, after all, positioning the second flagship, so this is also expected.

Specifically look at the photos, in the case of plenty of light during the day, Meizu X8 photos give people the overall feeling is color reduction bias true, with the human eye to see the color is very close, in addition to the picture gives a very clear and sharp visual feeling.

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  5. Built-in automatic scene recognition function, the blue sky will be bluer, the grass will be greener, you can see even the large backlight conditions can be easily dealt with. Meizu X8 's Night sample gives people the first feeling is very high brightness, then the actual observation of the human eye is much higher brightness, rainbow soft algorithm, and spectra of the addition of ISP, so that noise control is also relatively good, do not look at the words of the basic detection of the sky noise.