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The version on the left was taken using just one camera by masking the others , while the image on the right was taken with all cameras active. You can see that the image taken using all the cameras has much lower noise. It looks more like the results of an optical zoom than the image from the single camera image, which looks more like a typical digital zoom.

While shooting in RAW is the traditional gold standard for photographers, in current smartphone models, shooting in RAW typically means foregoing the advanced computational imaging that the manufacturer has painstakingly optimized for that particular phone. There are still plenty of cases in which depth is misestimated.

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By having five camera modules working at once, the company says that the Nokia 9 is able to record depth at different levels, from near objects at 7 centimeters to those as far away as 40 meters, providing unprecedented accuracy and a large range. The depth map can also be recorded in an impressive 12MP resolution. All of that means there is a potential for improved bokeh for portraits, both because it has a real multi-view system with five points of view, and because the separation of the camera modules provides a slightly larger baseline than is common in most phones with two cameras.

You can shoot either with the full depth effect enabled, or simply have the phone record a depth map for later processing. Below are examples of how you can use depth information to change the look of an image after you capture it. For the middle image, we refocused on the background.

For the image on the right, we maximized the depth of field by setting the Blur slider in Google Photos to its minimum value. Refocusing in particular may not get used much, but could definitely come in handy if the camera accidentally focused on something close when you wanted the subject to be something farther away.

By using multiple camera modules with the same field of view for each shot, but setting them to varying exposures, the Nokia 9 is able to capture true high- dynamic range HDR images in a single frame , instead of with a burst of frames that most cameras require. Of course, since the monochrome sensors gather much more light than the color versions, they may have a slightly different exposure anyway. The result of this flexible approach to creating HDR images can be outstanding shadow and highlight detail compared to an image captured when using just a single camera on the Nokia 9.

However, the results are not as impressive as many other current phones that use a quick burst of multiple frames, as you can see in our full review. Below you can see the difference between a single-camera image on the left generated by masking four of the five cameras , and the one taken with all modules active on the right.

Having monochrome sensors also means that serious photographers who want to shoot in black and white can capture black and white images natively in-camera. That might be a big win for photographers: for starters, the monochrome sensors capture several times more light than the RGB sensors, giving them a potential advantage in low light. When viewed at full size, the post-processed image actually shows fewer artifacts than the native monochrome image. Of course, the RGB image also had the advantage of incorporating information from the three monochrome sensors, so they are active in both cases.

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