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The M5 Note is the newest device to come out of Meizu, and like many of its recent almost identical in size to the Pixel XL and now-discontinued Galaxy Note7. The major problem is that the device ships without Google Mobile The Play Store regularly consumed % of my Note's battery in regular.
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Meizu 15 Plus Smartphone Full Specification

So why would you want to worry about carrying around a wallet and a phone? It is handmade and hand stitched ensuring an exact fit and giving it a personal touch. It looks chic and attractive and is durable. It also provides shockproof and fall protection through its use of TPU material and a cushioned buffer.

You have the benefit of Hands Free Viewing through the firm stand provided in the cover, which also enables you to choose the best angle to view your phone. Still not convinced? You must be logged in to post a review. The update fixes a memory corruption issue that could give an application elevated privileges.

You can now Upload Multiple photos, videos to Stories on Instagram.

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As said few weeks back, the promise have been fulfilled as instagram now lets users download their data from the social media portal. The Instagram's 'Data Download' feature lets users export their photos, videos, archived Stories, profile, info, comments…. Snapchat is making another amazing move now to keep it rival instagram behind.

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Last year after Apple disclosed its idea on pushing the iTunes App into Microsoft store, it seems to be a deal done today as the App in now live on the store for download. Snapchat Unveil Spectacles 2.

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After the failure of the first version, snapchat has regained ground as the selling of the New Snapchat eyewear kickoff. On Thursday, snapchat began selling the new version of its eyewear with built-in cameras and also supports water resistant. Oppo announced its mid-range smartphone oppo A3.

The new mid-range phone comes with a aspect ratio bezel-less display. It also sports the trending iPhone X-like notch. – Telegram

The smartphone is occupied with GB inbuilt storage, which is another highlight…. One of the greatest highlight of the April update is the added Timeline feature which…. When the app is in Sleep Mode, kids cannot send or receive messages or video calls, play with the creative camera…. How To Get 3.