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Perfect holder for smart phone! Wireless charging work, 8 plus OK! Delivery fast, recommend! Thank you!!! Customer — September 30, I am very happy and specifically this product and order in general. Service in store at the highest level. My orders processed in just a few hours and on the same day sent the parcel.

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Shipping took about 2 or 3 weeks with full tracking. Packed all things just fine, all whole, free, scratch-free. Holder is very cool thing, which is an indispensable tool for the motorist. Holds phone firmly, the hanging. Customer — October 8, Very pleased with this order.

Seller very sociable, responsible.

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Order sent on the second day. Delivery take about 18 days. This uncertainty can be even more frustrating than an actual crash. That may sound counterintuitive, but by proactively managing your communication with users and giving them advance warning of any outages, you are likely to retain them for a much longer period. When crafting your error messages , make them informative and useful. Also offer a solution to enable the user to rectify the problem.

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There is no Internet connection right now, maybe look for a good spot and try again? The concept of iterative app development — the release of an early working version to market and piecemeal improvement thereafter — carries several obvious advantages. But iterative app development also poses several challenges. Every time you release a new version or feature, all the previous tests must be redone.

The need to integrate third-party services and APIs can place a real burden on your development team, particularly if your company is smaller.

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Simply put, the earlier you release your app to market, the more likely it is to contain flaws. For large-scale projects, iterative may be the way to go , but you may find that a small project gets fiendishly complicated when broken down into even smaller stages, so it may be more suited to the build-test-release route. If you do decide on iterative development, you need to be ready for any potential issues with OS and third-party APIs. Due to the nature of their job, most developers have access to a fast internet connection.

But this can be a problem in the planning process; a common mistake developers make is assuming that we all live in a 20mbs utopia. If you forget this then you expose your app to crashes , as a high dependency on network resources combined with slow internet access can significantly reduce the responsiveness of an app.

This in turn leads to poor performance, instability and some unfortunate down-time. When building your app, try to throttle your network speed.

Genuine Cow Leather Phone Case For Meizu Note 8 9 Note8 Note9 Case Flip Stand Phone Cover Bag

Test the product on slow networks and mobile networks with bad coverage we can think of a few, as it happens. Both tools will enable you set your own internet speed. Various simulators and emulators are available but these have their own drawbacks. The data produced by a simulator may carry further limitations as, unlike an emulator, it does not replicate the hardware of a device.

Releasing apps into the market without adequate testing leads to lots of stability and performance issues. However there are measures that can be tailored to effectively combat bugs when they, inevitably, arise. Tools like Bugfender help developers test their apps on real devices with real users , enabling them to easily find bugs and fix issues as soon as possible.

Bugfender collects usage logs locally and sends them to the our web portal when a network connection is available. The Bugfender solution is equipped with a load of new features, including a remote logger, issue tracker and crash reporting functionality, meaning it is a great all-in-one solution for mobile app debugging.

Back to the Blog Read the Comments. May 17, August 10, June 18, Wifi Easy Connect application helps you to connect automatically to open WiFi networks. With simple one-time setup, your device will automatically connect from mobile data to Wi-Fi when PCCW Wi-Fi is detected, without logging in Wi-Fi every time, save time and enjoy a high speed surfing experience!

An small widget app to switch the wifi module on or off. By turning on the wifi symbol is switching to blue, a connection is signalled by a small. Auto switch between different AP.

When you look at current wifi connection, you will see some of the information mentioned above, but also IP address of your device, MAC address, and link speed network booster.