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8 hidden features every Samsung Galaxy phone user should know

Hi, My wife is looking to replace her 3 year old A3 mobile as it is starting to hace charging issues. It starts charging and then for no reason just stops and the only way to kick start the charging again is to power off and then start charging while its off. She likes the size of this phone and would like to change it for a similar size.

Apart from the A3 which i presume is already dated is there an equivalanet Samsung or any other phone that is similar in size and range. Many thanks. The trend is for large screen smartphones so I don't think there is too much choice under or around 5".

I don't think Samsung do one now but the Sony Xperia Compact might fit the bill but if you google 'best compact smartphone' that may help.

Phone hacking software | spy whatsapp

The apps mostly run in the background, basically making a log of Snapchat exercises, as well as pretty much anything the user can do with their cell phone. The app unobtrusively gathers information out of sight and sends it to a server with the goal that it can be open in your account whenever.

Samsung Galaxy A3

Tracker mobile phone is a cell phone monitoring software for Samsung Galaxy A3 that enables you to know in subtle elements what is going on an android cell phone. This app is easy to utilize, incorporates an entire scope of highlights and the majority of this for free.

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  • 8 hidden features every Samsung Galaxy phone user should know!
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Using the tracker mobile phone will help you track all photos and pictures taken and received. Recuperate even erased photographs and pictures.

Track messages sent and received from the most well-known social networks such as Facebook and WhatsApp. Track and record incoming calls, active and missed calls. The mobile tracker enables you to see all SMS and MMS messages received or sent by the target gadget, even the ones that may have been deleted.

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