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Tracker mobile phone is a cell phone monitoring software for Huawei Honor 6X that enables you to know in subtle elements what is going on an android cell.
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The Honor Band 5 has a terrific range of features for a budget tracker, including continuous heart-rate monitoring, an SpO2 sensor, swim tracking and sleep tracking.

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Read our full review to find out what we thought of it when we put it through our fitness tracker tests. Our Test Labs compare features and prices on a range of products. Try Which? You'll instantly be able to compare our test scores, so you can make sure you don't get stuck with a Don't Buy.

Which fitness or activity tracker is for you?

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Should you buy Fitbit, Garmin, Huawei or Samsung? Our expert guide can help. Plus find out about features like built-in GPS and heart-rate monitors.

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Discover the best fitness and activity trackers for Find out how accurately wearables from popular brands such as Fitbit, Garmin, Samsung and Xiaomi can track heart rate monitoring, steps, distance and more. Our expert advice on fitness trackers and smartwatches will help you decide which to buy.

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Weight 22g. Width Height The base Honor Band 5 tracks outdoor runs, indoor runs, outdoor walks, indoor walks, indoor cycling, cross trainer, rowing, indoor swimming, and free training. The two important things here are, one, accuracy, and two, how easy it is to translate that data into changes in your running style, particularly to avoid injury. On the first, the Sport seems, all-in-all, pretty accurate.

Interface and reliability

We tested it by adopting various running styles, lengthening our stride, keeping our feet on the ground longer between strides, changing the angle of our foot, and swinging our legs more, across multiple days and multiple runs. Every time, the results that popped up on our app mirrored our actions.

Hardware & design

It was by no means perfect, and occasionally gave us a wonky result that made little sense, but as an indicator of patterns and of changes over time, it seems reliable. Where it failed miserably was on foot strike pattern. That seemed odd to us, as it had never been pointed out before. Sure enough, when we ran almost exclusively on our toes for five minutes - a hell of a calf exercise, by the way - the device still told us that we were landing on our heel most of the time.

But if this was the case for us, it will be the case for lots of other people too. On translating that data into something useful, Huawei's which own's Honor health app fares admirably. It tells you whether your data is in the normal range for each parameter, and gives you some advice for correcting anomalies.

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Telling us that our 'eversion excursion' is high would be totally useless on its own, but by giving concrete advice - ankle circles and heel raises - it allows you to act on it. In basketball mode - which gives you a score for things like sprinting, movement, and acceleration, as well as jump height and hang time - the band failed to register most of our jumps, which was a pain.


As a test, we stood on a spot and performed ten high-effort jumps in a row, all of roughly the same height. Still, we like the fact that the band assigns you a basketball score based on the factors listed above and displays it all in a pretty graph in the app. If you play basketball regularly, turning the band on during sessions will, if nothing else, give you something fun to look at later, and let you see how your vertical jump is progressing.