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XNSPY Android spy app works on all Android smartphones and tablets. a spy software for LG phones and even the Chinese smartphones from ZTE, including photos and videos from WhatsApp, Facebook, Viber, Line, Skype, Kik and Tinder. Xnspy is not a hacking tool; it's a monitoring tool that has to be used with the.
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These modes have slightly different usage patterns, as a full check of the runtime analysis is relatively expensive. No special compile-time flags are necessary. This will produce one log file per node. The options used here are -d for dataflow graph, -e for event graph, and -z to include more information, such as field names.

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Run the application as before, and call the script with -lpa -l for logical analysis, -p for physical, and -a to assert on failure. The options -dez will work as well. The graph below is an example of the output generated by Legion Spy. Boxes correspond to different kinds of operations while edges represent explicit event dependences between the different operations.

Legion has a sophisticated logging infrastructure with support for logging levels and categorization of messages. Logging is done using static singleton objects called loggers. Each category of message is declared as a static singleton object. The exact invocation depends on the desired logging level. Legion supports six levels of logging in order from lowest priority to highest : spew , debug , info , print , warning , and error.

Message filtering of different levels is controlled simultaneously by a static and a dynamic switch. Any messages below this level are guaranteed to be statically elided by the compiler to avoid any runtime overhead. The logging level can also be controlled dynamically by a command line argument. By default, logging messages are emitted to stderr. Often it is desirable to log output to a file or a file per node instead. The -logfile flag can be used to specify a filename for the logs. One very useful debugging technique that we have found has been the ability to use debug tasks as a means of introspecting Legion applications.

Due to the out-of-order nature of Legion task execution, using a traditional debugger like gdb to debug a single-node Legion application can be challenging. To aid in setting break-points and checking conditions in association with a debugger we commonly inject explicit debug tasks which are either empty tasks or tasks which do not impact correctness and simply check for certain conditions regarding the data in logical regions.

One example of a kind of debugging task can be seen in our full circuit simulation example which has optional checking tasks for verifying that there are no NaN or Inf values in our simulation. Debug tasks are a very useful tool as they can request their own privileges and logical regions for introspecting all or a subset of an applications data.

Similarly by changing privileges and coherence modes, debug tasks can control where they are run in the order of execution of tasks. We routinely launch debug tasks which declare stronger privileges than necessary e. In practice, the ability to launch debug tasks is one of the most useful features of Legion, enabling introspection that can be easily enabled and disabled without worrying about correctness. Really, debug tasks are just a very primitive form of in-situ analytics.

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In some cases it can be useful to attach a debugger to a program prior to the point where it actually fails. This can be challenging particularly in multi-node executions where the user cannot simply run gdb --args. To assist in such cases, Legion provides an option to pause at the beginning of an application run. The user can then use the delay to manually attach to the process with a debugger. The following command will cause Legion to pause for 30 seconds prior to starting the top-level task:.

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The user can use this opportunity to find the appropriate PID and attach with a debugger. For example, assuming that ps reports that the PID is :. After entering the debugger, the user can set breakpoints or configure settings as appropriate, and then when ready can issue the command continue to resume execution of the application. While the goal of the Legion runtime is to implicitly discover parallelism between tasks and other operations, in many cases, when debugging a Legion application, it is useful to know that operations are actually executed in the order in which they are issued.

This can be useful both for debugging Legion application code, as well as for investigating runtime bugs. To enable this feature, execute the application with the command-line flag -lg:inorder. When running in this mode sub-tasks and other operations launched within a parent task will be issued and run to completion before the next operation is issued.

This guarantees that all operations are performed in program order with no parallelism being extracted. Another useful debugging tool available is the ability to create full-size physical instances. In many cases, the Legion runtime only allocates space for the data requested by a task based on its logical region usage. If the requested logical regions are not the top-level logical regions in the region tree, the Legion runtime will trim the physical instances to only store the necessary data.

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In the past, trimming physical instances has resulted in two kinds of bugs. First, applications which do not access data within the their logical region bounds e. Second, trimming has in the past been a source of runtime bugs as it is difficult to ensure all the Legion copy routines properly recognized trimmed physical instances. This feature forces the Legion runtime to always allocated physical instances of the size of the top-level logical region in the region tree.

This prevents out-of-bounds memory accesses from corrupting other instances and can aid in finding runtime errors. When debugging messaging protocols within the Legion runtime, it can be challenging to attach debuggers to processes on different nodes. To make debugging these protocols simpler, Legion supports a modified execution setup.

By default, there is only ever a single Legion runtime instance per process and by default per node since we usually only launch a single Legion process on each node. To support debugging these messaging protocols on a single node, we provide an execution setup where an instance of the Legion runtime is created for each individual processor in the machine.

This creates multiple instances of the Legion runtime within a single process. Under this setting messages are then used to communicate between the different runtime instances just as they would be in the truly distributed case. This allows a single debugger to be attached to a process on a single node and observe the different runtime instances.

This setting can be enabled by passing the flags -lg:separate -ll:util 0 on the command line. The -ll:util 0 is required because this mode does not support execution with explicit utility processors. When debugging a freeze in Legion, the first step should always be to dump backtraces on all nodes. Our Android monitoring app is powerful and can monitor call logs, chats, and multimedia from eight different instant messaging apps on all Android P or previous devices. Get yourself the updated list for the top 5 callers every time you sign into your Xnspy account.

Save the fuss of going through every single phone log. Get Xnspy and review only the top 10 most-frequently-visited websites. XNSPY tracks and automatically records the footprints of your monitored kids and employees as soon as they make a move. For some added offline safety, use our geo-fencing feature and keep tabs on your kids and employees geographically.

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To control activity on Android phones and tablets remotely, all you need is a one-time installation of XNSPY on the target device. Our stealth mode provides a percent non-intrusive Android spying solution so that you are always on the top of your monitoring experience, because we believe the less-nudging an app, the better it is! Xnspy works on all Android devices running Android 4. To check your device compatibility, Click here. All major phone brands are compatible with Xnspy. For information about specific models, you could check our Compatibility page.

Above all, we bring updates to our apps sooner than anyone else.

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We have also been the first ones to come up with Android Oreo 8. Our mobile surveillance software for Android works with both Android phones and tablets. You can download Xnspy on any tablet running Android 4. Yes, our app works with all major Android 9. Please refer to our compatibility page for more info. Being for years in the business of cell phone spyware for Android has only taught us one thing: to be bigger and better with every new update. Tracking your kids or employees was never this easy—just a few minutes of download and installation is all it takes for XNSPY to spy on an Android phone.

With different subscription plans and payment options, getting the right Android monitoring software is now more convenient and affordable. Our app is minimalist and easy to use, while equipped with top-notch spying features that are hard to beat. Get your queries answered from our knowledgeable and always-online customer support team. Get notified of what matters to you the most. Xnspy gives you the freedom to put checks on specific words, locations, and contacts for instant notifications. Monitor them without having to monitor everything about them!

Our premium Android spyware matched with its nominal subscription fee is what makes Xnspy the no. With more than 2. With Android phone monitoring spyware is a spy application used to track Android phones and tablets. These spy tools can help you keep your family, business, and even your personal information safe. You can monitor almost every activity that is taking place on the Android phone of the person you need to monitor.

Once installed, it takes total control of the Android phone and lets you keep tabs on all activities, chats, and other communications. You can access this information from any computer with a web browser and a stable internet connection. There are different groups of people who can legally use the spying app for Android.