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Looking for a way fakesnapchat location? Read on this article to find the easiest way and the detailed tutorial on how to spoof location snapchat, be it on Android​.
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But the iPhone 11 Pro also has two cameras on the front, with both a 12MP main lens and a 3D depth sensor. See all Apple iPhone 11 Pro deals. This, among other things, allows for improved depth sensing, which can help with portrait shots. This extra front lens is what gives it the Snapchat edge over the Galaxy Note 10 Plus.

Cameras aside, the Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus also has one of the best screens ever put on a phone.

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Step-by-Step Tips to Set Up Your Kid's iPhone | Common Sense Media

Top Deal. Best Huawei P30 Pro deals. Best Apple iPhone 11 Pro deals. Best Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus deals. Tap During Downtime. Tap Specific Contacts to limit who your kid can call during Downtime. Tap Add Contacts. Tap Choose From Your Contacts and make selections. Here's why you want to: Lets you adjust ratings on content like movies and books and restrict access to certain websites. Tap Content Restrictions. Tap Multiplayer Games if you want to control access to them. Here's why you want to: Keeps track of your kids—and their phones. Tap Location Services and make sure it's toggled on green.

Go back to the home screen. Tap the Find My app. Tap Allow While Using App. Tap People or Devices to see their locations. A: Change the setting for Passcode Changes. Here's why you want to: Prevents kids from changing overall access to the device. Scroll down to Allow Changes. Tap Passcode Changes. Tap Don't Allow. A: Use Share Across Devices.

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Here's why you want to: Continues a conversation about device use as a family. Tap on Screen Time.

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Toggle on Share Across Devices. And it's worth noting that there are ways kids have found to get around Screen Time, including but not limited to : Changing the date and time to reset how much time they have you can prevent this by setting a Screen Time passcode on their phone. Using the embedded version of YouTube in iMessage to send videos. Parents' Ultimate Guide to Parental Controls.

About Christine Elgersma. Add comment Sign in or sign up to share your thoughts. Comments 17 This is a great tool. We use it along with OurPact to control content and what our teens can do and see. I think it is best to give kids a phone at either 11 or 12 because they can use it to call you after school clubs or anything like that.

If you are worried about inappropriate things you can just block it. However, my son who recently bought a iPhone xs isn't willing to let us place restrictions on his phone. What do we do? Because that's a perfect way to straighten your relationship. Excellent Blog. Thanks for sharing. Can these tips be used with an android phone also? I am feeling rather disappointed with this article.

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Why buy a kid an iPhone when you have no prior technical knowledge, and when you will restrict it so heavily? Early trust can go a long way. A kid will feel untreated with all of this stupid crap, thus creating more issues. I'll show this to my mom later on. There goes all your freedom. Hi Christine, This article is fantastic! Came across it just in time when I'm thinking about giving my soon to be 11 year old son an iPhone. Although Apple just updated the iOS and navigation is a bit different I was able to get around, and set up my son's phone with no issues.

He hasn't used it yet, so I can't say how well enabling restriction works. There might be a workaround if you would like to share this with us. If not, this is definitely something Apple needs to work on. I work in IT and understand the gap between system behavior and user expectations - sometimes they are not the same. We can only make the suggestion to Apple and hope they will listen to us. Hopefully we can see this in the next update. God bless you, Daniela. I do not have an iPhone, I'm an android user.

I do however have an itunes account can all this be done there as well as my child's iphone?