How to locate phone Samsung Galaxy A5

Scroll down and tap Accounts.
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Warning: all of your data, downloaded apps and settings will be erased during the reset.

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How To Reset Samsung Galaxy A5 - Hard Reset and Soft Reset

Your current region: Ontario change Select a region:. Learning about and managing my Samsung smartphone. How to perform a hard reset when my Samsung smartphone is unresponsive. How to check the available memory on my Samsung smartphone. How to find the phone number of my Samsung smartphone.

Swipe up or down to view the apps. Touch Settings. It also lets you perform number of other features on your phone remotely.

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In the case where your device is stolen. The lock option automatically generates a new passcode and locks your device so if your device is with someone who actually knows the passcode, the person still wont be able to get inside of it. The erase option lets you factory wipe your entire data in case you are worried about your private data falling into the wrong hands. This option can be used in a case: when your device is on silent and you forgot where you put it.

So instead of tearing the entire place upside down just to find your lost Galaxy Alpha, you can now always log in to Android Find my device and ring your device. Choosing to ring will ring your device for 5 minutes at the maximum volume. If this method did not help you to locate lost Galaxy Alpha. In order to use Samsung find my mobile, you will have to have Samsung account. It has number of useful features which are as below:.

That is all from our side. There are number of apps present in the play store which allows you to track location of your lost phone using SMS service. Those apps have to be preinstalled on your phone before it is lost. I know the pain of losing a smartphone, as it has all the memories. Best approach is to always have a backup of your personal data along with pictures and videos.

Always use a password on your phone so if anyone gets his hand on your phone. That person wont be able to access your personal stuff. I hope this guide helps you to locate lost Galaxy Alpha. If you have any questions or queries, feel free to ask me in the comments.

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