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Find problem apps by rebooting to safe mode on Android

You can make video calls to and receive calls from other Bell Video Calling subscribers. To use Video Calling you'll need a Video Calling-capable phone. To see if your phone is Video Calling-capable, visit the Support page to read the user guide for your phone. See our coverage maps to learn where the HSPA network is available. Note: If a video call cannot be set up, you'll be given the option to connect as a voice call.

Depending on your mobile phone or smartphone, you may also have the option to send a text message or to retry the video call. In our ongoing efforts to improve our support section, your opinion is invaluable.

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How to Enable Developer Options On Vivo Smartphones│DROID GEN

Back Back. How to use Video Calling on my mobile phone. What is Video Calling? Making a video call. Receiving a video call.

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Select the Phone icon on your mobile phone. Enter the number of the Bell Video Calling subscriber you want to call. To clearing cache is a healthy option for which, the procedure is as followed. The app measures aspects such as bearing, pitch, roll, altitude, acceleration, speed, accuracy, and signal strength of satellites. It also provides information on available satellites in the radar by which, you can know if the issues that you are observing is due to any physical damage or due to non-availability of sufficient signal from satellites, etc.

It also calibrates the AGPS on your phone and optimizes it to perform faster than earlier. Issues like GPS not picking up a location i. If you have custom ROM installed, it is prone to errors and issues and that is what updates are for since it literally fixes these issues right. On the other hand, to check for updates for custom ROMs, you will have to search for it.

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Searching for updates for custom ROM is easy with GetDroidTips as here, you can find plenty of information and guide on how to do. Press power button and then press Volume up button to enter into the recovery mode. Scroll down the menu with volume down button and select using Volume Up or power key depending on your model and make.

After you do as said, reboot the device and the GPS will start working properly unless it is too stubborn that it requires an FDR. It is also one of the common technique that many users use across the globe to curb software glitches, however, it is insufficient if the issue is in the hardware system. Once you do it, reboot the device and hopefully, the gps on your phone will start working properly. With an experience of more than 2 years spanning various genres under content writing, Aadil is also an enthusiastic traveler and a huge movie buff.

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Aadil Raval. With increasing dependency on the tech gadgets like smartphone, we have become leaner towards these devices in all of our daily work. Despite being off of the most used smartphone brand in China and India, it has its own GPS problems ranging from no signal at all to incorrect location, inaccurate details on routes and more.

This is annoying especially when you are trying to reach somewhere and such GPS problems come in a way wasting your valuable time. Smartphone users have started reporting even the minor issues with their phones that helps other users know about it, provide a fix for it as well as the smartphone manufacturer which would provide a patch that fixes such issues. What we have done here as we prepared a list of problems faced by users w.

Then, we dig in some research and found out that these minor issues can be fixed pretty easily assuming that these are software related issues and hardware-related ones for which you will have to go through the last two methods. For rest of all the users having a software glitch, they can troubleshoot their devices to be accurate and efficient in searching for GPS location properly. GPS tracks your location based on triangulation method where at least three satellites pinpoint your location after which, the point where these two satellites point is your location.

Assuming that you are using Google Maps or any other major map services, open it and track your own location.


Note that unclear sky with clouds as well as your location is crucial to track the exact GPS location of your phone. Check out for the internet network provided and then, click on the blue location button to track your location. If it is clear, walk out of the house or office and check out for the GPS location again. Although Google Maps is a versatile app that detects your location promptly, it can wobble when the network is not too strong. It will be displayed on the screen when you check the location, there will be a light blue colored circle around a small dark blue color circle. You can increase the accuracy by stepping out of the building or office.

Toggling seems an effective solution to get things on your phone to start working.

To toggle the GPS on your phone, pull down the notification tray by sliding the screen top to bottom and then, tap on the GPS or Location icon which is usually the same in all smartphones irrespective of make and model. Now, simply tap on it to turn it off and then, wait for few seconds. Tap on the icon again and kickstart it and then, check if it is working or not. By switching to high accuracy mode, you are actually providing more battery power to your system that will gauge more precise location.

You can try it out with the following procedure as mentioned. Any type of interference between the GPS receiver and the satellites will undoubtedly result if some disturbance in the received location.