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Mobile carriers and manufacturers will help you locate your device, while anti-​theft apps will give you a lot.
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If you can't find your device, you can report it as lost or stolen , suspend your line, and order a replacement device. Surf the web knowing that every site you visit is safe, including links from emails, texts, and Facebook. Safe Browsing is enabled by default, and it works on Google Chrome and the default Android browser.

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If the issue is still not resolved, contact Lookout Customer Support or email your issue to support lookout. You can also contact T-Mobile Customer Service for further troubleshooting. Get Theft Alerts emailed to you when Lookout sees activity that could mean your device was stolen.

Safe Browsing scans every site you visit, protecting you from possible phishing attempts and other online threats. Use Privacy Advisor to scan all apps that access personal information, such as your location, messages, and contact. Schedule backups to save or restore your contacts, photos, and call history.

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If your device is lost or stolen, you can: Remotely wipe your personal data and SD card. Remotely lock your device. Open Lookout. Select Get Started. On the Security page, confirm Enable Security is selected and then select Next. On the Backup page, confirm Enable Backup is selected and then select Next. Select Use Wireless Networks and then select Agree.

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Select New User. Enter the required information and then select Start Lookout. Try Lookout Premium for free From the free Lookout app, you can initiate a free trial of the Premium version. Upgrade to premium Select Upgrade to Premium. Choose either the monthly or annual subscription. Enter your credit card information. Select Upgrade Now. From your computer Go to Lookout. From your mobile device Open Lookout. Select Cancel Premium Subscription.

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It replaces the on switch for routine use - just put the finger to the sensor on the back of the phone beneath the camera and you're ready to use the In Stock. Expect blemishes and unknown quality of battery.

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  • What I mean by unknown is the battery is not in a retail style bag but rather a heat sealed bag that looks to have been done by hand so the battery is either a bulk replacement pulled from a tray and sealed at the refurbishment center or is some random battery of unknown wear or origin. What i received was in a plain white box no documentation as expected a usb c cable about 3 feet long and a lg branded charger not a quick charger though.

    Add to cart. Currently unavailable. You can call it the "Budget LG V30 phone" I wanted a quick budget phone replacement and the K30 nails it. The K30 is very impressive for being a budget phone, you almost forget it is.

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    • It has a Beautiful design with metal and glass. It is 2. Good to fit in a pocket. All I do is text and make calls. Probably not good for viewing videos due to the size, but the google map directions works fine. If you're looking for a smaller 4G smartphone, this one does the trick. Would get another one. This is an amazing phone. Pictures and videos are colorful, crisp, and clear. Has VoWifi, which I love because I live in the middle of nowhere and rarely have a good signal. I like using fingers to take a screenshot. Sound is good.

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      Finger print magnet. Glass front and back. If I had small children or grandchildren I would get a different case for it then the one that was included. It has a fast charger. I would definitely buy this phone again! In the event your phone goes missing, don't panic! There are tools built into every Android phone that make it possible to lock and track down a lost phone with ease. But first you'll need to take some steps now to set yourself up for success if and when your phone does go missing -- even if you only left it in the house.

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      Do yourself a favor and turn on passcode and fingerprint authentication. Do yourself another favor and don't use facial recognition on your Android device. On most Android devices, the technology used for facial recognition can be easily tricked with something as simple as a photo of your face.

      LG K40™ Unlocked Smartphone (LMXQN) | LG USA

      Next, create your passcode and set up fingerprint authentication in the Settings app under the Security section. I realize scanning a fingerprint or entering a PIN code every time you want to use your phone can be inconvenient, but the idea of someone having access to your photos, banking apps, email and the rest of your personal info is downright scary.

      An extra step to unlock your phone is worth the effort when you consider the potential impact of exposing your personal info to a stranger. Find My Device is what you'll use should your phone ever go missing to track, remotely lock and remotely erase it. If you've signed in to your Samsung account on a Galaxy phone, you should be good to go. However, it's a good idea to double-check.

      Not only does it give you a backup service you can use to track down a lost phone, but it also gives you tools that Find My Device doesn't have. With Samsung's service, you can do things like force remote backups or see if someone has swapped out your SIM card. You must have a Samsung account to use Find My Mobile.

      If you signed in to your Samsung account during the initial device setup, the Find My Mobile should already be enabled. If not, take a few seconds to sign in and enable Find My Mobile. Using Android's baked-in service requires you to remember one thing: android. That website is where you'll go in the unfortunate event that you lose your phone. Make sure to sign in to the same Google account that's linked to your Android phone.

      Not near a computer? You can use another Android device and the Find My Device app , which you'll have to download separately from the Play store. Immediately after you sign in to the site or app, Google will attempt to locate your phone. An alert will be sent to your phone to tell whoever has it that it's being tracked. Use the menu on the left-hand side of the Find My Device site to play a sound helpful if you misplaced it in your home!

      Selecting Secure Device will lock the phone, display a message of your choosing on the lock screen and sign out of your Google account.