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Just fit perfectly for Google Pixel 3 Xl, not for any other phone model, Super spider web pattern, fashionable style; Made with soft TPU rubber (frame) and hard.
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Elevated bezels keep the display and rear camera damage-free.

Google Pixel 3A

You also get covered buttons and precise cutouts for everything else. A raised lip keeps the display and the rear camera safe, while the sides and corners are reinforced for added drop protection. You also get a built-in lanyard hole to connect wrist and neck-straps. It combines a soft, shock-absorbing TPU layer and a hard polycarbonate shell for all-round coverage.

Precise cutouts are available and while you have covered buttons, they are easy to press.

Spider Man And Venom Google Pixel 3 Case

Raised bezels keep the screen and the rear camera free from scratches as well. The flexible TPU case comes with a raised lip and reinforced corners. The metal kickstand is sturdy and lets you prop up the phone in both landscape and portrait orientations, and also allows you to change the viewing angle. The Spigen Tough Armor offers dual-layer protection with the combination of a soft TPU core and a hard polycarbonate shell. The same Portrait mode bokeh effect can apply here, and rather than make the second lens a dedicated option to tap, just zooming out is all I had to do to engage it.

Taking portrait shots or selfies with the superior rear camera would be easier than using a timer or angling to press the volume button as a shutter. Other than faster rendering, the official release was essentially the same.

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The results are almost mind-boggling. The mode can take a really dark scene that would otherwise be pointless to shoot with a phone and literally light it up.

AI is the buzz term Google and everyone else uses to encapsulate what the software is doing, which is truly impressive for its simplicity. Point, shoot and in a few seconds, it processes the image and saves it.

Google Pixel 3 XL

This works handheld, which would be all but impossible to do with a regular camera without a tripod. Google first said machine learning algorithms and automatic white balancing fuse the images together and add what is essentially a set of filters to reduce noise and pop out highlights and shadows. Either way, the results are consistently impressive.

I would just prefer a way to manage or control the effect the way Huawei allows through adjusting exposure, ISO, shutter speed and duration.

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These were the two other AI-assisted modes Google highlighted as useful breakthroughs for its phones. Top Shot captures multiple frames each time you snap a shot, letting you select one for the best timing. At 2x digital zoom, the results make images appear like they were shot with actual glass zooming in, whereas going beyond that makes an image fall off the cliff.

Next to the flash, digital zoom has always been one of those tools I avoid in mobile photography. But it works surprisingly well and is something I would use in a pinch. Unfortunately, 4K is still set at a max of 30fps, and slow-motion video is still limited to fps and fps — without an option for super slow-motion clips at fps.

Awesome Spider Man Art Collage Spider Eye Google Pixel 3 Case

To put it in even more 90s terms: if Google is Krang — the scrotum-shaped bad guy from the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles — then the Pixel 3 is the seven-foot tall robot body he stomps around in. The top handful of phones, indistinguishable from one another in terms of aesthetics and raw specifications, had all but plateaued.

What set each apart was the underlying software, something Google proved by steadfastly sticking to a single rear camera when others were adding multiple wide-angle and telephoto lenses. With less hardware, the Pixel 2 still produced the best photography of any smartphone, thanks to the effective magic of its software processing and machine-learning techniques. At launch and until very recently, the Pixel 2 along with its bigger brother the Pixel 2 XL was the best Android phone money could buy.

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The 6. At the top of the larger Pixel 3 XL display is that hard to miss notch. It is enormous.