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This free Android keylogger can be used for parental control, employee monitoring and some other situations when you may need to spy on someone's phone.
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Since everybody, regardless of age, is owning a smartphone, the need to track phone activities is essential. It can help you to keep your loved ones safe from internet bullying and inappropriate online contents.

Also, the tool is useful in tracking phone locations, if the device gets lost or stolen. The app can also be used to know whether workers are using company assets for personal use. Whether a parent, employer or spouse you can use a phone keylogger tool to spy on any Android Smartphone. Phone keyloggers operate under a hidden mode. You can track or log all keys typed on the keyboard or keypad secretly. Thus, anyone using the target phone will not know or suspect he or she is being tracked. Once launched on the target device, all features will be activated automatically.

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The tool is useful in tracking call history, SMS, audios, contacts, camera activities, calendar, to-do list and the exact location of a phone device. Once Hoverwatch app records target phone activities, the information will be uploaded to your account. You can access and review what a target phone user did with the device by logging in into the account from anywhere and at any time you want.

Hoverwatch is feasible, and anyone can use the app to track phones or monitor phone activities. The keylogger is compatible with multiple devices such as Android phones, Windows 8, 8. Also, its features will perform accurately regardless of the device type or Android version.

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Hoverwatch app is an all-in-one monitoring software with unique features. You get live updates on your control panel. You can access a free demo so that you can find out about the interface before actually purchasing it.

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After you install Cocospy, you get an option to hide the icon from the window so that no one finds out the app has been installed into the phone. So, Cocospy is also an undetectable keylogger for Android. With the help of latest technologies, Cocospy provides a No Root solution for providing the keylogger feature. You will need physical access to the target device once. It will require several accessibility permissions on the target device.

There is no trace of Cocospy icon after installation. It will covertly run in the background to capture the keystrokes on the device. This data will be uploaded to the servers. You can open your web-based Cocospy Control Panel via any web browser. Getting started with Cocospy is a 3-step process. No technical jargon is involved. Follow the Setup Wizard and you will be able to configure the Cocospy setup on target device smoothly.

Although Cocospy comes in three pricing packages , the Basic Package will not suffice the keylogging needs. If you are a parent and looking forward to monitoring multiple devices at the same time, you shall opt for the Family package. Spyic is another powerful and intuitively easy to use keylogger for Android devices. Know about every single character that is typed on the device and capture every tapped key with the help of Spyic. Spyic is an exciting program that fulfills your keylogging needs. Read the deleted messages, extract the passwords of social accounts, get the password for email accounts, read notes and much more.

Enjoy all these features without rooting your target device! Get a hold of the device only once to download and set up the Spyic app. Once downloaded, the app icon is hidden automatically. The Spyic keylogger runs silently and secretly in the background. It is a legitimate app and can be used for all legal purposes.

Commonly, it is used for parental purposes and employee monitoring. Spyier is an exciting program to use for your keylogging needs. You will have to get the Ultimate Edition of Spyier to use it for keylogging an Android device. Hoverwatch offers one of the best free Android keylogger apps in the market if you get a license for the regular Hoverwatch app as well.

However, it deserves to be on this list because of how powerful and convenient it is at a very reasonable price. Both of them come with a full set of features. The Personal package can only monitor one device, and the Family package can monitor as many as 5 devices. You can get the two packages for 1 month, 3 months, or 12 months. You may like: How to Tap a Cell Phone. Luckily, that self-proclamation does hold up under scrutiny in this case. It might even give you the impression that iKeyMonitor might be an amateur app. However, do not underestimate iKeyMonitor because it brings great value for a very reasonable cost.

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FlexiSpy is undoubtedly one of the most powerful keylogger Android apps in the market. Both of them are capable of keylogging.

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The reason that Highster Mobile makes for such a great keylogger for Android is because of its simplicity and minimalism. Highster Mobile is a no-fuss, simple, easy-to-navigate keylogger Android app. A single package, one time fees.

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  • Take it or leave it. TheTruthSpy is a hidden keylogger Android app that can be used to track other devices discreetly. It is perfectly suited to be used with Android phones.

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    It boasts a bunch of really advanced features, many of which are very powerful. However, this Android keylogger app is not at all reliable and comes with terrible reviews from clients and customers. As such, you should be wary of it. Mobile Spy is an Android keylogger app generally used to monitor children and employees. It can help detect all the secrets being kept within social media apps and accounts.

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    In addition to keylogging, MobileSpy can also engage in a lot of other spy functions quite well. It can monitor text messages and calls, social media and mail.

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    Both of them are available for a period of 3 months, 6 months, or 12 months. Keylogging is available on both packages. However, its future seems promising. It offers both online and offline tracking features and offers multiple packages for business and personal users. If you need additional information or further assistance please let us know. We will be happy to help you. AndroidMonitor is a cell phone tracking and monitoring application exclusively for Android cell phones and tablets.