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The Samsung Galaxy Note 10 is a delightfully compact big-screen You won't find a headphone jack on the Note 10, and the microSD All of the major U.S. carriers are selling the Note 10, including AT&T, Verizon, Sprint and T-Mobile. A subsequent software update from Samsung reportedly fixes this.
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Kellen, on the other hand, appreciates smaller devices so he went with the Galaxy Note The phone features a 6. The colors are punchy and well saturated, while contrast levels are just right.

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I also feared that 6. As for settings on the display, Samsung offers its usual list of customization options. Under Advanced settings, you can also swipe through individual RGB values to tune the display however looks best to you.

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For performance, the cameras are fast to focus on subjects and the initial shutter speed is fast. However, I did notice that when shooting shots at a rapid pace that the phone can have troubles keeping up with my finger.

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As for modes, there is no shortage of them. However, that Pro mode can be insanely clutch with controls for shutter speed, as well as individual controls for color temp, tint, saturation, highlights, and shadows. The Pro mode is very comprehensive for those who take time with their shots.

One mode Samsung is really pushing for the Note 10 lineup is the revamped video shooting modes and video editing software. Besides the ability to enable a Super Steady mode inside of videos, which is limited in terms of aspect ratio and filter support, the Live Focus Video mode is pretty sweet.

In this mode, you can control bokeh strength and also apply a few fun filters while shooting. Thanks to that ToF camera on back, you can scan things with your phone, then actually interact with the scanned models via the camera app. Back to my impressions, my favorite thing to shoot with Samsung phones are flowers and landscapes, mostly because I love seeing the uber-rich colors the display can produce.

Here are some camera samples. No edits have been made except for resizing and the compression of uploading to this site. Besides the display, the hardware of this device is probably my favorite aspect of it. I have the Aura Glow colorway, and seriously, this phone is fire to look at. As someone who uses their phone with one hand constantly, this is appreciated.

That phone is measured at 7. It stands at 6.

Other phones near that height are the Pixel 3 XL at 6. But again, I find this phone more usable than all three of those, simply because the curved body and display, along with how thin it is. For weight, you might be surprised the first time you lift this phone off a table or out of your pocket. It weighs in at grams. One hardware aspect that has me a bit disappointed is the rear camera hump. LG is actually teaching Samsung a lesson in this category right now, but I imagine in the future flush rear cameras will be very common. My typical usage in any given day is off the charger at 7AM-ish and then plugging it back in at night around 11PM-ish.

Then, throw on Night Mode for the day and see how far that gets you. Coming from past Samsung devices, One UI has grown on me so much. Samsung did an excellent job designing it and you can tell that one-handed usage was thought of greatly in its development. The thing that has always been certain for Note phones and Samsung phones in general, is that there is no shortage of software features. The one part about Note phones I always have to force myself to use is the S Pen.

However, for my review, I used the S Pen. The inclusion of advanced artificial intelligence enables the device to learn how you consume battery life and provide adjustments, such as automatically closing a power-hungry app when it's no longer in use, Samsung said.

The Note 10 Plus also features powerful fast-charging capabilities. The phone can get up to a full day's worth of charge in just 30 minutes using an optional 45W charger, according to Samsung. In our tryout, a minute charging session yielded battery capacity of 61 percent. And judging by our test of the battery longevity itself, that should be more than enough to get through a typical day. We were able to get Our tryout of the S10 Plus, by comparison, had gotten 13 hours of battery life for streaming video.

We mentioned that nearly all of the display space on the Galaxy Note 10 Plus is usable, with almost nonexistent bezels around the screen. That has another advantage beyond aesthetics and usability: It also keeps the device to a manageable size overall. Which, of course, becomes an increasing issue as display sizes get larger.

We didn't find the Note 10 Plus to be unwieldy at all, and actually find it to be nearly identical to using the S10 Plus from a size perspective, even though the S10 Plus features a smaller 6. The Note 10 Plus is also impressively thin at 0. That should make a difference for mobile workers that will need to be handling their device continuously throughout the day.

We're glad to see that Samsung isn't requiring a major trade-off between display size and portability. Speaking of using the Note 10 Plus continuously for work, that undoubtedly raises the chances of a mishap. A durable design is a cornerstone of business-ready devices, and Samsung takes measures to ensure durability both on the front and back of the Note 10 Plus by including Gorilla Glass 6 on both sides. And like its predecessor Note 9, the Note 10 Plus has a water resistance rating of IP68—suggesting the device should survive a plunge into waters as deep as 5 feet for up to a half-hour.

The Galaxy Note 10 Plus includes a total of four rear cameras ultra-wide, wide-angle, telephoto and depth , and shots looked vivid and sharp, both indoors and outdoors. As on the S10 Plus, we continue to be dazzled by the ultra-wide angle camera, which presents a stunning, expansive view. For any workers in fields where photo-taking for current or potential clients is a necessity, the Note 10 Plus' ultra-wide camera could be a major asset. Meanwhile, the inclusion of a 3-D depth camera enables taking augmented-reality measurements—such as measuring distance, length, 2-D area and 3-D boxes.

The Note 10 Plus also adds camera features including "live focus video" for easily blurring backgrounds on videos and "zoom-in mic" for focusing in on the desired audio source. In addition, you get enhanced video-editing capabilities, with the ability to use advanced editing tools more precisely and quickly with the S Pen—another major offering for workers in video-oriented fields with the Note 10 Plus. Samsung is expanding the usefulness of the S Pen stylus yet again, with more types of interactions enabled using the pen.

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The new "air actions" allow you to control the device by swiping or rotating the pen in the air. Initially, those interactions seem pretty consumer-focused: examples shown off by Samsung include swiping up or down to switch the camera between the rear- and front-facing sensors. But importantly, the company is opening up the SDK to allow third-party developers to create new air-action capabilities for apps—which can include business apps. The potential is there to create custom apps for businesses and workers that include air actions—such as quickly opening or closing a ticket in the field with a swipe in the air, or pulling up key airline functions while checking in passengers, Samsung said.

The performance on the Note 10 Plus may be the closest thing to full-fledged PC performance in the smartphone world. Along with the speedy Qualcomm Snapdragon , the device offers 12 GB of RAM which is more than on the laptop that's being used to type this review. And like with the S10 Plus, we've noticed that the Note 10 Plus offers a smoother experience all around than the Galaxy devices of previous years—with the lag and hiccups which have long been absent from iPhones nearly all eliminated.

Another productivity enhancer in the Note10 is an update to the Samsung Notes app that makes taking handwritten notes with the S Pen more useful. Handwritten notes in the app can now easily be converted into text on the Note10 Samsung said it has invested significantly in handwriting recognition technologies.

Samsung Galaxy Note10 review

After the handwriting is converted to text, that text can now also be exported to formats including Microsoft Word.