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Tips & Tricks XIAOMI Redmi Note 8 Pro number, it will not be shown – the finder will only have an option to call you without seeing the actual phone number.
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The testing data may vary slightly due to different software versions, tested versions, testing environments. All figures shown on the product page are for reference only and may not reflect the actual product; images on this page are for illustration including, but not limited to, images of the phone, color and dimensions and the design of the real product may differ; all comparisons made on this page are among typical Redmi phones.

See the specs page for more information on phone specifications. To minimize scalper activities and protect the interests of Mi fans, delivery address cannot be changed. In the event of product price adjustment prior to delivery, price of paid orders will not be affected. I have read and agreed to the Xiaomi Online. This product has been added to your Notification List. If stocks arrive within 30 days, we will use your contact details to keep you updated.

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    How to find your lost Mi smartphone? |

    Redmi 8A. Mi Laser Projector ''. Mi Smart Band 4.

    Case - Redmi Note 8 Pro with Waterdrop-Style Notch

    Mi True Wireless Earphones. Xiaomi Metal Carry-on Luggage Mi Air Purifier 2H. Quick Links. Pioneer of 64MP Quad Camera. Superior photos and gaming experience. Delivers high-resolution photos for up to 3. Zoom in for more details. Supports 4K video recording, fps slow motion video recording.

    Capture details with macro lens. With 2cm close-up macro lens, even snail's tentacle could be clearly captured. AI portrait mode with background blur adjustment Perfect selfie at all times. Fine-tuned AI Beautify for photo taking and video recording.

    My test, your questions

    The portrait mode allows you to adjust the depth of field blur and take more professional selfies. Helio G90T. What about Honor 8X? Will X make the difference? Sonic Soak test and review. Sonic Soak is a new gadget cleaning almost everything with ultrasound, does it deliver its promise?

    Track lost or stolen Xiaomi/MI Cellphone location Free without any software[English]

    Let's check out! Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 test and review. With the Redmi Note 5, Xiaomi is taking a new step towards the European market with a high-end product at a mid-range price. Leeco Coolpad Cool1 test and review. And he also makes coffee? No, but it's probably one of the best smartphones in this price range. Samsung Gear Is is any good?

    Let's check! Xgimi H1 test - review after one month. Xgimi H1 is a new chinese video projector coming from crowd funding. Let's check. Your test article are definitely in a category apart based on your real life measurements. Thanks and bravo. But I don't know if it was sold by Xiaomi in Europe. Thanks again : Yes, indeed, I completely missed that one because at launch there was only the Indian version available and I didn't expect them to launch a global version afterwards.

    Now with the RN8 Pro, they seem to have adapted their strategy by launching a global phone from the start. Hi Laurent, concerning your video test, I regret you didn't try the slow motion speed mode. They promise p fps!! I'm really curious about this mode. But also on various birds or, physical effects falling water drop.

    I've read somewhere people doubting the video capture was really at this speed, but I've no idea. No idea how to test it. Filming something vibrating at 50 or Hz? Most sellers on Aliexpress do not state B28! But the official document sent by Xiaomi to the FCC is only stating 1 3 7 8 28 38! May I suggest that you quote the phone version you tested with its model identifier like MC3XG, for example within your test?

    Redmi Note 8 Pro: How the popular Xiaomi phone is made in India

    Concerning the capacity to read from a device the actual bands that are supported, I think there's a Mediatek APK and it's still working for the Mediatek powered phones. For the Qualcomm powered ones, it seems it is necessary to switch the phone to root mode, which was not my intention. I might try it on my RN7 and unroot it immediately after, I suppose it's reasonably safe, then.

    Hi FX, It's great you tell me about it because I did not notice it was available. As there are no bees around for the moment, I'll give it a try with a drop of water, that should do the trick. The RN8T supports B28 while the RN8 doesn't, at least that's what I understood from their specs but like you say, it's once again a mess and this week only I have received at least 10 messages about it. Good suggestion for the model, I'll add it to the test where I still have the device.

    Hello again FX, I have tried the slow motion feature and indeed, I really doubt it is fps. I have made a couple of tests with flowing water and it indeed slows down but not up to the point where you would see individual drops. I'll try again with better light conditions and have a look at the video with ffmpeg, if I find anything interesting, I'll add it to the article. Hi Laurent Is the interface of the Xiaomi photo app clear about slow motion? On RN7, it's only "slow" or "normal". Apparently, sometimes, Xiaomi apps do not exploit fully the capacity of the hardware.

    I remember this was the case for the first very high count of pixels camera, recently. Curious to see your results. Hi FX, yes it's pretty clear about it, the icon displays "fps". I have the same icon on the Xiaomi Mi 9T Pro but the result is the same, it's not slow enough to isolate individual water drops and the fact that it records only one or two seconds is really annoying. I would have expected to record something much longer to ensure you have enough time to capture whatever you are trying to capture.