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with February security patch and App Vault Music card]. Xiaomi launched the Redmi 7 smartphone in India on 24th April running MIUI
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Even though I'm not a gamer I certainly find the feature compelling, and when I switched back to viewing the OnePlus 6T, the screen felt "draggy" even though I knew there wasn't anything wrong with it. Overall, the phone looks fantastic. The display is razor-sharp and thanks to the pop-up camera, it's all screen; there's no cutout tab or teardrop notch or "hole punch" dot.

Perhaps my biggest complaint, though, is that the phone feels heavy and big. That doesn't sound like a lot, but I definitely feel its weightiness when I hold it, especially when I'm taking a photo with one hand or attempting to stuff it in my jean pockets. On its rear the OnePlus 7 Pro has an ultra wide-angle camera, a standard camera and a telephoto camera. Photos are clear, bright and vibrant and I'm impressed with the camera's HDR rendering.

In one particular shot of a dark room and a big bright window, the OnePlus 7 Pro lit up the foreground better than even the Pixel 3 -- the current low-light king -- though the latter retained more details of the outside. There were times however that the OnePlus 7 Pro took better low-light photos than the Pixel 3's Night Sight, which is quite impressive. The phone's 3X telephoto zoom combined with a 10x digital zoom means the phone could zoom in on faraway objects while maintaining clarity and stability. With the wide-angle camera, you can fit way more content in each frame, though shots taken on the wide-angle camera appeared muddier near the edges.

The OnePlus 7 Pro also took great portrait shots.

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Though its depth of field was shorter than the Pixel 3, Galaxy S10E and iPhone XR, the falloff between the fore- and background was smooth while my subject looked sharp. One novel thing about the phone is its front-facing camera. It's embedded inside the phone and pops up out of the top.

The mechanism works smoothly and quickly, and its overall construction seems pretty durable. Just don't try to snap it off or anything. If you accidentally drop the phone, the camera will quickly pop back inside. The selfie camera takes solid portrait shots too, with faces looking clear with a consistent blur effect, and you can also adjust the look in post. The middle of Samsung's new Galaxy S20 devices is powerful and large, without being ridiculous.

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Xiaomi Redmi 7 review: Strong build and sleek design, but camera a dampener

OnePlus 7 Pro is big, blue and budget friendly 24 Photos. The generous 3 GB of RAM also plays its part, enabling the user to get the most out of the processor. While the CPU might not manage to keep up with very demanding computations, it is fully sufficient for everyday use.

The Redmi 7 also does a good job when browsing the web: It is faster than its competitors with websites loading quickly. Only images require a short wait. The smartphone can easily handle complex HTML5 pages. We received normal results for this price range from our test with our reference microSD card Toshiba Exceria Pro M We would like to note that it is great to have a dedicated microSD slot and still be able to use two SIM cards simultaneously.

The reader is also compatible with exFAT formatting. The high frame-rate mode cannot be activated when playing Arena of Valor and players are therefore limited to 30 fps when playing this game. While Asphalt 9 cannot be displayed entirely smoothly, the judders are so small that you have to look closely to notice them. Only Shadow Fight 3 runs at 60 fps, although this speed cannot be kept up at high details. The surface temperatures are acceptable even under high load: The maximum hot spot reaches The phone does not heat up noticeably while idling.

Even after a long period under load, the Xiaomi device still manages to maintain maximum performance. Apart from the significantly higher volume compared to the speaker in the Xiaomi Redmi 6, its successor Redmi 7 offers a more balanced sound overall. The sound is surprisingly warm and quite clear at medium volume. However, the speaker is slightly overcharged at maximum volume, which makes some frequencies uncomfortable to listen to and creates a more muddied sound.

However, we are quite happy with the overall sound experience - particularly for such an affordable smartphone. You can connect speakers or headphones via the 3. The connection is great and sounds are transmitted nicely. This is no surprise as both smartphones are equipped with the same SoC.

The Xiaomi Redmi 7 requires less power under load, which should offer some advantages in terms of runtime.

Design & Display

Thanks to the generous mAh battery, our Redmi 7 offers excellent runtimes. It could almost last two entire workdays of constantly browsing the web on Wi-Fi before needing to recharge. The device lasts hours under full load.

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This means that with normal phases of use and standby the device should last several days without having to be recharged. The included quick-charge adapter has a rated output of 10 watts and recharges the device fully in around 2 hours. Despite the competition trying to catch up, Xiaomi continues to offer the best price-to-performance ratio.

Xiaomi has once again created a great smartphone at an affordable price: the Redmi 7. Of course, the GPS module is not fully reliable and the earpiece could be louder. Warranty is another issue, plus there is quite a lot of unnecessary bloatware. But considering its low price, the Xiaomi Redmi 7 really is quite an impressive offer. If you are looking for an affordable, modern-looking smartphone, you will not get around the Redmi series.

However, neither of these two devices can keep up with the Redmi 7 in terms of battery runtime.

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Qualcomm Snapdragon Qualcomm Adreno Note: The manufacturer may use components from different suppliers including display panels, drives or memory sticks with similar specifications. Xiaomi Redmi 7 full resolution. Left: SIM slot. Right: volume rocker, standby button. Bottom: microphone, micro-USB port, speakers. Top: IR port, 3. GPS Test indoors.

GPS Test outdoors. GPS Garmin Edge — overview. GPS Garmin Edge — roundabout. GPS Garmin Edge — bridge. GPS Xiaomi Redmi 7 — overview. GPS Xiaomi Redmi 7 — roundabout.

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GPS Xiaomi Redmi 7 — bridge. Telephone and Voice Quality. Cameras — better resolution on the front. Picture taken with front camera. Image Comparison Choose a scene and navigate within the first image. Scene 1 Scene 2 Scene 3 click to load images. Xiaomi Redmi 7. OnePlus 6T. Apple iPhone XS Max. Photo of test chart.