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Here are the top 5 best Android location tracking apps for you to track Locate, lock, erase your lost Huawei P30/P30 Pro using Google Account It is an all-in-​one mobile tracking tool, which remotely and silently obtain live GPS Track Cell Phone Activity: Call logs, Messages, E-mails, Document, Calendar, Photo, Video,​.
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But beyond that point, you're getting the usual digital noise and blur that make the images unviewable.

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During then briefing, Honor reps told us to "shoot the moon," which wasn't a reference to the documentary of the same name. Instead, the company promises that the quartet of lenses, and the AI magic contained therein, will let you actually shoot images of the moon. On a clear evening, I was able to try this, snapping our satellite with a pre-production Honor 20 Pro and an iPhone 8 Plus.

Even though you're not going to be writing home about the result, the difference is staggering. Bleeding-edge technology found in flagships may be great for bragging rights, but not everyone needs to show off how wealthy they are. A pricey 4K display on a phone is, for instance, a bit of a waste if the most you're doing is watching YouTube clips in the bathrooms at work. Here, Honor has opted for a 6. In the top-left corner, there's a 4mm hole which accommodates the megapixel selfie camera.

That puts it a little ahead of the megapixel lens found in the Honor View 20's hole punch, released earlier this year. There's not much you can say about an LCD display at this point that hasn't been said a trillion times before. Colors are deep and rich, viewing angles are great and the holepunch is barely noticeable when playing video, full screen.

And, from an aesthetic point of view, I find a 4mm hole way less distracting than a notch when you're watching movies on the go. These days, rear-mounted fingerprint sensors have a whiff of cheapness about them, as they've already begun to look dated.

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After all, showier phones have whizzo face-scanning sensors or a below-display ultrasonic fingerprint scanner. Honor isn't asking its buyers to splash out that sort of cash, so it's opted for something both elegant and cheaper. The Honor 20 is packing slightly less battery life than its Pro sibling, with a 3,mAh cell compared to the Pro's 4,mAh. Both come with In my limited experience, and as an intensive phone user, I got down to 30 or 40 percent in a day with the Honor 20 Pro, with several hours of tweeting, YouTubeing and general internetting.

When playing games, that number began to fall a bit faster, and I could easily eat 10 percent battery in 20 minutes of Fortnite. Sadly, the phone's speakers are a little weedy, despite the promise of virtual 9. In a one-on-one fight with my own iPhone, I found that the Honor 20 Pro couldn't match it for overall loudness.

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However, what the Pro lacked in volume, it made up for in subtlety, with richer sound overall. The bundled USB-C headphones were, as is tradition, awful. I've never really gotten the hate for the Huawei-made skin because I think it simplifies Android's often messy UI in a way that makes sense. Animations are smooth and the built-in themes are nice, but it's hardly as controversial as some folks may make out. Honor phones are skewed toward younger folks with a focus on social media, photography and, crucially, gaming. Then, when it has worked out the most efficient way of pushing energy to the GPU, it creates a profile that's pushed out to the devices.

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Not all the options offered by a device are useful. On EMUI there are some functions that I recommend you activate, because they will allow you to optimize the interaction with your smartphone by making you navigate with fewer gestures or steps. Locking your device with a PIN, password, sequence, fingerprint reader or face recognition will help you protect your data. And if you want to keep secrets from curious eyes, you'll be happy to find features that are designed for you!

This is one of the components people use the most and it is full of surprises, especially now that artificial intelligence is taking over smartphones. Introduced on the Mate 10 Pro and View 10 with the Kirin NPU , AI helps to optimize the photographic experience when you choose the best settings and modes, depending on your needs.

Do you have a Huawei or Honor smartphone? What other tricks would you add to the list? You can share them with us here! These tricks are available with Android 9. I want back the little grey man to the right of the buttons at the base of the screen. It seems to have mysteriously disappeared. So useful for screen lock, power off etc. Any ideas?

Wow, apply to my new P20 Pro.

Samsung Galaxy M31 (Ocean Blue, 6GB RAM, 64GB Storage)

Actually, I did not try to test them all, I'll take them aloud. Thank you very much. I have some apps with names in chinease, other with names not relatrd to their function.

Is there a way to change names under icons? Lates H20 pro mate. Don't want to be a spoilsport, but the beautiful thing about a launcher is that when you get a new device, instead of a three-week learning curve for all the OEM's eccentric "innovations" you just install the launcher you had on the old phone, set it up how you like, and you're off and running.

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