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If your device is already lost learn how to find, lock, or erase it. Be turned on; Be signed in to a Google Account; Be connected to mobile data or Wi-Fi; Be visible on Google Play; Have Location Step 4: Check that you can find your device.
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LG V60 international giveaway! March 15, Join our Newsletter Get the very best of Android Authority in your inbox. News, reviews, deals, apps and more. I was working with the smaller of the two and I found it to be a good fit in the hand and allows for easy control of the shutter if you are using either the on-screen one or snapping with the volume buttons.

One thing I do love is the double tap on the power button on the side to activate the camera. This is really handy when you want to react quickly and not lose the chance to get that moment. Having the lenses to the top left of the back of the phone was a good design choice.

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With many other phone cameras they position the lenses in the middle of phone and we all know what can happen from that. Yes, the dreaded finger over the lens which results in ruining many otherwise wonderful photos. Google packs a powerful punch in terms of the software they have crammed into this hardware.

Be prepared

The engineers at Google are at the top of their game and the computational photography in the Pixel 4 is impressive. Sure, they did not go the route of their competitors and triple up on the lenses. There is no wide angle lens but what you do have with a simple double tap on the screen is a 2x zoom lens.

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  8. I like it when phone manufacturers resist the temptation not to be gimmicky and add bells and whistles that are not needed. The Pixel has some of these.

    Google Pixel 4

    Obviously you have a 4k video option, but for swipe over to more, and you find the usual options of panorama, time lapse, slow motion, and Google lens. The playground option allows you to add stickers and text to photos. When portrait mode was introduced on smartphones a few years back it changed how I approached mobile photography. I began to experiment more with posed-for-portraits and the results on smartphones have on occasion caused people to think they must have been shot on high-end DSLRs. Again the Google engineers are working wonders in this area and the portraits you can get on the Pixel 4 are sharp and can give you that lovely shallow depth of field look.

    The Pixel 4 does not allow you to manually control the settings like shutter speed, but what it does allow is for you to control is the highlights bright parts and shadows dark parts of your image with two individual sliders.

    This is particularly helpful when shooting in tricky light situations such as portraits when your subject is backlit on a sunny day. With a little adjusting of your highlights and shadows you can get a good exposure for your subject. This is where the leaps forward in computational photography are most evident. You can even shoot astrophotography with the Pixel 4.

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    Get yourself a tripod, snap the phone on, point to the sky and you can shoot those stars. It is something I did not try, but have seen some impressive examples online. One of the long-standing criticisms of mobile photography was how it poorly they dealt with low light conditions. In recent iterations of smartphones we have seen dramatic improvements. Yet, for me, these results in images can have an artificial, over-processed look.

    But what it is going to allow is for you to get that snap without using a flash. Think of a scene in a party indoors that before would have been quite hard to get a well-exposed shot. Now you can, but my tip for using this is to take care with the exposure and use those sliders for highlights and shadows to manage that.

    With so many people now basing their choice of a smartphone on how good the camera is, the Google Pixel 4 will not disappoint.