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3 big brand smartphones matchups. If you look at the time of the release of these three mobile phones, it seems to be unfair to Xiaomi mi 6, but.
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There is no actual third-party bloat and the entire UI is well translated for international markets. Those also get Goole Play Services preinstalled. Naturally, for home markets, Meizu does have a set of default apps of its own.

Meizu's New Phones Shun Modern Screen Design For Traditional Look

These are all pretty minimalistic and integrate well with the overall look of the OS. The gallery is quite reminiscent of Google Photos and offers some nice editing options. Music Player. The music player app includes online lyrics support, as well as a neat little feature to display those in the status bar. Also Square Sound optimization for headphones and a full-featured equalizer. Video player. But even those are very well translated and approachable. The Meizu 15 is no slouch. It is built around the Snapdragon chipset.

While not technically a flagship offer, it comes pretty close and is probably the next best thing. CPU-wise, you get a total of eight custom Kryo cores, four efficient ones, clocked at 1. Graphics come courtesy of an Adreno We can clearly see the Meizu 15 standing its ground. However, it does trade blows quite well with the ex-flagship chipset Snapdragon Especially with multi-threaded workloads.

Kind of understandable, since the Snapdragon only has four Kryo cores at its disposal. Basemark OS 2. Even the ex-flagship Exynos lags a bit behind.

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It is still sad to see just how much the Exynos is lagging behind the pack. All the while, Samsung continues to integrate it in mid-range devices.


Graphics performance is pretty consistent with what we can expect from an Adreno , with a FullHD workload. As usual, the off-screen tests offer the more level playing field for pure number comparisons, especially since the surge in various extra-tall display aspect ratios.

That being said, we finish off the performance section with our usual notes on synthetic benchmarks, namely that they are not directly representative of real-world performance. We are happy to report that using the Meizu 15 is a pleasant and smooth experience. We have no doubt it has plenty of power to plow through pretty much any everyday task. We already mentioned on quite a few occasions that the Meizu 15 family is a very good example of market segmentation done right.

Stepping down from the Pro version to the basic version hardly means you would be trading on important features and is mostly a matter of size preference. This applies to the main camera. Even so, not a bad setup to rock. Some of the icons, options, and on-screen annotations are not exactly self-explanatory. By default, an AI optimization is enabled in the camera and working behind the scenes. You can catch a glimpse of what it is doing by the annotations for automatic scene detection that pop up from time to time.

Camera UI. Among the other toggles on the left-hand side is an HDR switch that only does on and off. This is perfectly fine, since the AI, as we mentioned earlier, actually takes care of auto HDR, when the toggle is left off. Also on the same row — an auto timer, some filters and a beauty mode with a light and heavy setting. Speaking of settings, the cogwheel does open a separate interface, but it is as scarce as they come. There is no way to adjust photo resolution, only the aspect ratio. Camera settings are scarce.

Video capture mode does get a resolution selector, but all the options are locked at 30fps. You have to download a third-party app to get p 60 fps, which the DSP is more than capable of handling. Along the bottom of the UI — various camera mode, including a portrait one that leverages the second camera for improved bokeh effects. Here lies the Pro mode, which, albeit a bit hidden away, is actually pretty full-featured.

It even throws in a 20MP still mode. Why Meizu decided to hide this away so deep into the camera app is beyond us. So, the camera UI could use some work, but does that apply to the photos, captured by the Meizu 15?

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  • MEIZU 15 Dual SIM Smartphone 64GB - Diamond Black 2 Years Warranty.

There is, of course, always room for improvement and while the results the Meizu 15 produces are perfectly satisfactory, there are a few substantial issues with them. Meizu 15 camera samples. The most major one seems to be noise and noise reduction. The samples we captured seem to have quite a bit of both. Suppression artifacts are common, even in perfect lighting. This leads to a general softness, across the entire frame. Dynamic range is also a bit narrow, which can easily lead to clipping in the shadows and highlights.

Meizu M6s Lock Remove

For the best possible results, you will have to handle that yourself. As for the positives, color reproduction is quite accurate to our eye, if the Meizu manages to get the white balance right, that is. It does have a tendency to switch it up, quite a bit in auto mode, without any actual changes in the lighting conditions. Also, there are no signs of over-sharpening.

As you can probably imagine, low-light conditions only exacerbate the noise issues, but, surprisingly, not by that much. Meizu 15 dusk and low light samples.

Bringing the secondary camera into the mix, we get pretty convincing and precise bokeh effects on portraits. The second camera seems to actually be doing most of the heavy lifting here, since the mode seems to work almost equally well, without having a face in frame.

The best Meizu phones:

Meizu 15 portrait samples. We are pretty sure only the 2x zoom is truly optical, but the 3x shows impressively little signs of digital upsizing as well.

A modern iteration of a classic design

We have to commend Meizu on this aspect of the Meizu 15 camera. Last, but not least, we also tried out the 20MP mode, inside camera Pro. In case you were wondering, it does not interpolate, but rather simply takes a photo with the secondary camera directly. Here are some samples, next to the corresponding 12MP shots, taken with the main snapper. Meizu 15 panoramas are pretty good regarding resolution and stitching.

Still, they do suffer from the very same issues as the other still. That is to say a bit limited dynamic range and softness. Meizu 15 panorama sample. Still, it captures pretty nice photos. Meizu 15 selfie samples. The beauty mode filter is pretty subtle and produces usable results if you are into that sort of thing. We also snapped our test posters with the Meizu 15 in both 1x and 2x zoom modes.

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You can enjoy some pixel-peeping in our photo compare tool. Meizu 15 in our Photo compare tool. Meizu 15 telephoto in our Photo compare tool. The Meizu 15 can capture video in either 4K 30fps or p 30fps. Video quality can be best described as unexceptional. The handset seems to do pretty well, as far as details and colors go. However, it has a tendency to almost always overexpose. Combined with a rather limited dynamic range this often leads to large areas of clipped highlights.