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Third-party methods to install Google Play are few and far between and disappear as fast as they spring up. There is a way the company can do just that, but it has its drawbacks. The main change is the Kirin F processor rather than the newer Kirin The fingerprint scanner placement is also different and so are the cameras.

The reason for this is so that the European 9X can ship with GMS, while the Chinese model can obviously make do without.

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But how is this possible? The two phones share a number of other hardware similarities, including the same Kirin F processor, huge 6. There are, however, a few notable differences, including the camera specifications, memory configuration, and the aesthetic design, of course. The recently launched Honor Nova 5T also shares the same model number and specs as the Honor Changing the OS or processing hardware would require retesting.

However, some pieces of hardware are test agnostic and can be changed without retesting, especially device aesthetics. In theory, manufacturers can change hardware not tested as part of the GMS process without Google knowing or caring. Therefore, GMS certification attaches to the carrier and regional model numbers rather than the final consumer product name.

In a nutshell, GMS certification is not dependant on the aesthetics of a device, but rather just parts of the internal hardware and the market. Keep these the same, and manufacturers are free to change the exterior design all they want. This includes changing memory configurations, camera capabilities, and possibly a few other abstracted hardware components as well. This is the new European Honor 9X.

To be clear, we have no guarantee that Huawei is reusing previously certified smartphone designs. Perhaps it actually obtained certification for the Nova 5T and Honor 9X before the May ban, even though five months is a long time in the mobile industry. Bringing flagship innards and software down to the mid-range a year or so later is very common anyway. Few consumers are interested in older internals at flagship prices. At least not without major improvements to photography or other capabilities, which may or may not be possible.

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Even if Huawei improved its camera capabilities and memory configurations, high-end customers demand bleeding-edge performance and new features, which would break GMS compatibility. Furthermore, older versions of the MADA section 4. Fortunately, Android 10 updates are promised for the Huawei P30 series, the Mate 20s, P20 range, and a few other devices. The IMX utilised Quad-Bayer technology to either capture images at 48 MP, or combine four pixels into one large pixel, which is known as pixel binning. The effective resolution drops to 12 MP, but this should reduce image noise and improve the quality of low-light photos.

It is worth keeping this in mind when setting the resolution, as our examples show. Our review unit takes impressively detailed photos in good light.

Design, Display, and Durability

Zooming in on our example photos results in hardly any image noise, such is the quality of the IMX sensor. The images to the right are of an illusion created by architect Eric Carlson in the metre-high atrium of the Luis Vuitton store in Paris. The installation is a semicircle of 1, stainless steel tubes, which are mirrored by a reflective wall to create a spherical effect.

Looking from the centre towards the light-flooded ceiling gives the illusory effect that you are standing in the middle of a huge fountain. The View 20 does a great job with its 48 MP shot, especially as fine details like the ceiling lighting remain visible even when we look closely. There is some image noise in darker areas, but this is significantly reduced in the 12 MP picture thanks to pixel binning.

Zooming in on scene 1 demonstrates this well. Neither the bunny nor the barrel nor the bushes look that sharp.


Moreover, while the wall and the trees are clearly recognisable in scene 2, dark areas are overly underexposed compared to the photos taken with our comparison devices. The front-facing camera is a 25 MP sensor, which is a resolution we would be impressed with if it were a rear-facing camera let alone a front-facing one.

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The camera takes good photos, but they can look artificial in some light. The ToF camera cannot take pictures on its own, but it provides depth of field data for bokeh effects. Honor also sells a dock that uses the ToF camera to provide motion tracking in games.

Unfortunately, the company currently only sells the dock in China, and its implementation appears to be rather limited, as it is restricted to incorporating AR Mojis within games. Choose a scene and navigate within the first image. One click changes the position on touchscreens.

One click on the zoomed-in image opens the original in a new window. The first image shows the scaled photograph of the test device. We also subjected the View 20 to further camera tests under controlled lighting conditions. Our review unit captures colours vibrantly, although pure white and black tones are slightly warmer than they should be, which affects skin tones. Our review unit also captured our test chart well. Our chart looks sharp, even at the outer edges of the picture. The only weakness is the contrast, which drops off in the bottom corners of the picture, but this is an issue for most smartphones.

Honor pre-applies a screen protector to the View 20, as many Chinese manufacturers do with their smartphones. The screen protector is made of plastic and looked tatty by the end of our tests. There is a clear silicone case too for added protection. The Phantom Red Moschino edition also comes with a corresponding exclusive case, of which we have included a picture at the start of this review.

Honor preinstalls SwiftKey as the default keyboard. The keyboard functions just as well as it does on other devices that we have tested. SwiftKey is almost endlessly customisable and has Microsoft Translator integration, which saves you from installing an additional app. As mentioned earlier in this review, the View 20 doubles as a trackpad when plugged into an external monitor. There is also a sketch mode, but it is worth noting that any drawings disappear as soon as you leave the special mode.

The fingerprint sensor supports up to five fingers, which worked effortlessly during our tests. The sensor can also be used to open the notification shade and to scroll through the gallery app. The View 20 has a 6. The camera cut-out sits in the upper-left corner of the screen where it should not disturb during watching videos or while playing games. While Huawei has moved onto 4K with the Mate 20 Pro , Honor has equipped the View 20 with a p panel, just like its parent company did with the Mate Our test device is just as evenly lit as our comparison devices though.

If PWM was detected, an average of minimum: 5 - maximum: Hz was measured. The View 20 has two colour modes to choose from, which we examined closely with a photo spectrometer and CalMAN analysis software. The default profile, Normal, covers almost all the sRGB colour space and it largely reproduces colours accurately, albeit slightly too cool for our liking.

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The View 20 is easy to read in normal daylight, and its factory-fitted screen protector film reduces reflections slightly, albeit not completely. We would recommend finding a shady spot or turning your back to the sun if possible when using the View 20 in direct sunlight. The View 20 has excellent viewing angles, as demonstrated by our photos below. A blue tint did appear when looking down or from the right of the screen, but we noticed no brightness distortions. In short, the View 20 should remain usable from almost any angle.

Our review unit performed on par with its Mate 20 series counterparts in synthetic benchmarks. The Kirin largely outperforms the Snapdragon in benchmarks too.

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The Mali-G72 MP12 integrated within the Kirin performed well too, but it cannot keep pace with its more-powerful successor. The View 20 also outs its predecessor in browser benchmarks, while the Kirin largely has the edge over the Snapdragon too. While our review unit does not finish top in our comparison tables, its performance is on par with our comparison devices, nonetheless. The 6 GB base model is also well-equipped and holds its own against other modern flagships.

[Update Temporary License Extended Again] Google has revoked Huawei's Android license

The GB or GB of internal storage should be plenty too, but 48 MP pictures will quickly start eating up memory, so expandable storage would have been useful, as would a cheaper 64 GB version. However, the View 20 has more storage than most flagships, so it scores well here too. The View 20 has class-leading read and write speeds. Overall, Honor has does a great job with the View 20 here, and it outperforms considerably more-expensive competitors.

The View 20 is a powerful gaming smartphone, especially the 8 GB version.