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Take a good look at the deep red hue, the depth and clarity of which has been made possible by using special coatings — a first in the industry, apparently — to get the shade and brightness exactly right.

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The first special edition OnePlus 6 to be officially announced was the Avengers: Infinity War Edition made to celebrate the blockbuster movie of the same name. OnePlus collaborated with its partners in the right way, and this phone is way more than just a few wallpapers and a special box. What do you get? One of six randomly inserted Avengers medals will be inside the box.

A competition prize awaits the person that collects all six, with the Black Panther medal likely to be the most sought-after, as only six will be made. With a Snapdragon and up to 8GB of RAM, the phone should be able to go head-to-head with any new flagship smartphone in the performance department. In fact, it may do even better considering the slightly lower-resolution display. Generally speaking, OxygenOS is similar to stock Android, with far more customization options and a few more visual tweaks. Smartphone cameras are getting better and better, and the OnePlus 6 is no exception.

The camera is capable of recording video at up to 4K at up to 60 frames per second, and features a super-slow-motion mode that can record both p video at frames per second, and at fps.

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The difference is, it can do so for up to a minute in time, and allows you to select the parts you want in slow motion. The camera app also has a new video editing feature. How about the OnePlus 6 with a pair of Bluetooth earbuds that react smartly? When not in use, the two earphones can be magnetically clipped together to prevent tangles — and when used with a OnePlus 6 or 5T, clipping them together will intelligently pause your music.

Battery is always a worry with Bluetooth earphones, but OnePlus has been working on that, building its celebrated Dash Charge into the earphones. Ten minutes on any USB-C cable no need for a OnePlus branded cable or charger will give the earphones enough juice for five hours — it gets eight hours of battery life from a full charge.

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  • Not sure you want a pair? We think you will. Like previous OnePlus phones, the OnePlus 6 features flagship specs at a relatively inexpensive price — though that relatively inexpensive price has been crawling up a little. The OnePlus 6 comes in several color schemes. Mirror black and midnight black are standard, along with a limited-edition version named silk white. These were subsequently joined by the OnePlus 6 Red, which comes in a beautiful red color.

    The phones will be available from the OnePlus website starting on May 22, the limited-edition silk white version launched on June 5, and the OnePlus 6 Red on July The best gaming tablets for 1 day ago. How to choose a smartphone by brand, carrier, or features 2 days ago. What generation are the latest iPads? We break it down 1 day ago. Google has made its own camera app for the cheapest Android phones you can buy 1 day ago. Got young kids? For video, the phone captures 4K video in up to 60 frames per second.

    Electronic Image Stabilization compensates for shaky movements while recording.

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    There's also a super slow motion mode, which can capture HD video at up to frames per second. The phone has an in-device video editor, so the user can trim and filter videos and add effects. There's a gaming mode that allows people to play games without being bothered by notifications, which also reduces latency.

    Gaming mode will lower the amount of data assigned to apps running in the background and will give more data to the actual game being played.

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    The OnePlus 6 has a fast charge option, with a half-hour charge giving enough power for a full day's use. There's a dash charge option for fast charging while streaming videos or playing graphic-intensive games. Voltage is only 5 volts even for the fast charge option. The facial recognition technology allows for a quick unlock in less than 0. This is an option users can choose to allow, or disallow, in settings. There's also a rear fingerprint sensor.

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    As for colors, the OnePlus 6 is available right now in mirror black, midnight black, and soon a limited edition will be available in silk white. The mirror black version looks like ceramic but has a thin layer of film under the glass to give it a sense of depth. The midnight black has a matte black finish that has a subtle S-shaped line underneath the glass layer when reflected in the light. The silk white has a polished, smooth texture with a subtle shimmer effect from pearl powder.

    You want a phone with all of the features of a high-end phone, but you want to save a couple hundred bucks. This phone is the real deal, with a large display, incredibly fast performance, reliable battery life, and excellent software. The 8 GB of RAM means that you can have multiple apps open at once without any slowdown--it's the perfect phone for a multitasker.

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    • And if you like to read on your phone, the OnePlus 6 uses gray-scale mapping that filters out blue light to provide a reading experience similar to an e-reader. The phone adjusts the sharpness and brightness of the display using information from the ambient sensor. And a huge plus--the OnePlus 6 has a 3. No matter how much Apple insists a smartphone doesn't need an audio jack, some people prefer it. Another downside is the lack of waterproofing or true water resistance. Take this to mean the phone could probably handle a small splash, but no dunking.

      Skip the OnePlus 6 if you are the type to accidentally jump in the pool with your phone still in your pocket, or to accidentally drop it in the sink or toilet. Recent security issues involving OnePlus smartphones might give some users pause. As reported by TechRepublic , two separate backdoors into the devices were discovered in late that opened users to a security risk. It was also discovered that the company was quietly collecting customer data from devices, and that left users wary.

      OnePlus cut back on the data it was collecting after users complained.

      It is initially available only in midnight black and mirror black colors, but a special-edition silk white version will go on sale June 5, The OnePlus 6 will be available in silk white beginning on June 5. The white finish is accented with a pearlized pink powder.