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This is the list of best 13 apps for Samsung Galaxy M10, M20, M30, M30s & M40 smartphones. 1. YouTube Gaming. Best Galaxy M20 Apps.
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Then you must join this community to stay updated in your gaming zone. Adobe Premiere Clip is the best app for video creating, editing, and sharing. Automatic Video Creation is the specialty of it, and it is a highly recommended feature in the app. It means you have to select a soundtrack for the video, then the app will take care of your photos and set them as per sound beats, and your personalized video is ready. You will get this app free of cost, and it is 54MB in size, so for video creation, use this app on Galaxy M series smartphones.

Hotstar is a platform where you can watch TV serials, movies, News and live sports events from anywhere. You can stay connected with live updates just using this online application. Hotstar contains Hindi, English and 15 more languages for users. For entertainment purposes, you must download Hotstar on new phones. Nike Training Club is designed to help you to get fit by doing a workout.

This app works as your trainer or coach of your fitness journey. It will send you recommendation notifications based on your personal information. ES File Explorer has almost million users all over the world. It has remote file access. ES File Explorer is the most trusted security app for Android devices. Read: How to download TikTok videos on your smartphone.

The Helo app is the biggest collection of all types of jokes, Shayari, and gossips. You can download and share all the content for free. You can find good morning and night quotes, funny videos, texts, status videos, wishes, memes, and many more. It is available in multiple Indian languages, so every Indian can easily use this app. Download all the contents from the app, and you can share those images or videos on WhatsApp, Facebook, or Instagram accounts.

It has all types of categories in wallpapers in an extra-large size, also with high-resolutions. This app has an automatic wallpaper changer.

2. Professional HD Camera Pro

Your automatic wallpaper changer will work automatically. To download it, you have to pay Rs. It is a good dictionary app for students and English learners. It has a huge vocabulary and some word puzzle games for a healthy brain. By playing those games, you can learn many new words, their illustrations, audio pronunciations, synonyms, antonyms, and thesaurus also. Many games and puzzles are there to test your vocabulary skills. This app is free to download and has 66MB of size.

For the English learners is best dictionary app and it is rival app to the Oxford Dictionary app. It contains popular TV shows, movies, news of all categories and web-series, movie trailers, making of, behind the scenes, and many more. The screen resolution is x, with a density of ppi. There's a mAh battery, and Samsung says that the bundled 15W charger will fill it up quickly. Ten minutes of charging is supposed to be enough to enjoy three hours of videos or 11 hours of music playback. The front camera has an 8-megapixel resolution.

Samsung seems to have cut a few corners when it comes to the accessories in the box. It's a little disappointing to see Android 8. If you've used any recent Samsung phone, you won't find much that's new or different here. Unfortunately, another thing that hasn't changed is Samsung's eagerness to put ads everywhere. From the moment we first booted this phone, we were confronted by them. The entire lock screen is now an ad — Samsung has integrated an app called Glance that shows a different photo or promotional item each time you wake this phone from sleep.

Not only are the captions distracting, but they displace useful notifications. In just the first few hours of using this phone we saw repeated clickbait messages to drive traffic to websites or apps. Sometimes we were prompted to vote in polls about cricketers or consumer product brands. Some of them were just flat out ads. If we had bought this phone, we'd be extremely aggravated by this level of intrusiveness, and we really think Samsung needs to dial back its monetisation efforts.

Samsung Galaxy M20 specifications and software

Besides that, we also got the usual barrage of notification spam from the My Galaxy app and some of the other preloaded apps. No matter how many useful extra features a manufacturer's custom UI has, this is the kind of thing that makes us long for stock Android.

Samsung Galaxy M20 64GB vs RealMe 3i 64GB

L-R Spammy notifications from the My Galaxy app; advertisement on the lock screen; customisation options for the Glance app. We didn't have any trouble using the Samsung Galaxy M20 for day-to-day tasks. Apps and light games ran without any trouble, and we multitasked quite heavily too.

There was only the slightest hint of lag in the UI on rare occasions, but not enough for us to worry about. Face recognition took about a second to work sometimes, which was annoying, but the fingerprint sensor was very quick. The screen is bright and crisp, with good viewing angles. We did feel the upper rear of this phone get a bit warm while gaming, which is not ideal.

Samsung's UI has also adapted well enough to the notch.

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  • 1. YouTube Gaming.
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Single-handed use was a bit difficult, owing to how large the phone is, and adjusting our grip was sometimes awkward because of its weight. We were curious to see how the new Exynos SoC does in benchmarks, and it delivered good enough performance for this segment. Our AnTuTu score was , which is in the neighbourhood of what Qualcomm's Snapdragon or Snapdragon can achieve. Geekbench gave us 1, for single-core performance and 4, for multi-core performance.

Graphics scores were disappointing, with GFXbench's T-rex scene running at only 22fps and the Manhattan 3. Battery life in everyday use was extraordinarily good. We started our day unplugging the phone at around 8am, and used it as usual, with a bit of photography and a few short gaming sessions, and still had about 60 percent left in the evening.

Samsung Galaxy M20 Review | NDTV Gadgetscom

We were able to stretch till the middle of the next day without having to charge. However, our HD video loop test ran for only 12 hours, 53 minutes which was relatively disappointing, and other phones in this price class do better with smaller batteries. The camera app is easy to use and well laid out. Most options and modes are within easy reach, and it's always nice to be able to begin recording video with a single tap.

We found that the camera was quick to lock focus and there didn't seem to be much shutter lag. There's a selector for the two cameras right above the shutter button, but it's easy to forget which camera is selected.

Reassuring Samsung's 'M'ight in the budget segment

The app remembers what you were using last, so it doesn't default back to the primary camera each time it's opened. You can enable a movable floating shutter button from the Settings, which could be useful. There are several stickers to choose from, including some that scale to faces automatically, and you can buy more through the Galaxy Apps store. The Pro mode is lacking in options — you can control only the metering, exposure compensation, ISO, and white balance. Samsung Mall integration lets you take photos of objects to search for similar ones across multiple online stores, and in our experience the results were pretty good but not very specific.

One noteworthy quirk is that the Live Focus mode only works on faces. You can't use it to get a depth effect on shots of ordinary objects, like you can on virtually every other phone.

There's a beautification mode but no AI enhancement, which is something that other brands, especially Honor, are using to differentiate themselves. Photo quality was fairly disappointing. We didn't see the kind of detail and sharpness that we're used to from phones in the sub-Rs.

Shots taken in the daytime were looked good on the phone's own screen, but a closer inspection showed that textures weren't very realistic and finer details were lost. On the positive side, all shots were all in focus and colours were fairly vibrant. Quality was also noticeably poorer when using the secondary camera with the wide lens, and there was a significant fish-eye distortion. Tap to see full-sized Samsung Galaxy M20 photo samples.


Low-light performance was way below par. Very few of our shots came out looking usable, even when taken directly under streetlamps or with plenty of artificial light. There was a lot of motion blurring and a massive loss of detail. Video was also just about okay. Recording goes up to p, and there's no stabilisation which is perhaps understandable at this price level. We saw quite a bit of focus shifting when recording moving objects. The depth effect in Live Focus mode made shots look quite artificial to us.

It also didn't help that face beautification was on by default, and dialled up too high. Beautification was also enabled by default when we switched to the front camera. Speaking of which, selfies were also just about acceptable. Samsung Galaxy M20 in pictures. Verdict Unlike some of its current competitors, Samsung has immense brand power. A lot of people might have chosen other options recently based on specifications and features, so having closed that gap, Samsung stands to regain a lot of the customers it has lost.

Buying a Samsung phone doesn't feel like a gamble in the way that it might with less established brands.