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Motorola Moto G7 Power - Full Review

Discover and shop for Moto Mods. Motorola Connect. Manage your Motorola connected devices. Motorola Gallery. The best shots. The best memories. Moto File Manager. I know that the next phase of fingerprint scanners are in-display, yet testing out a physical one like the one on the Moto G7 reminds how perfected this form already is. C'est la vie, I suppose. Up on the front is where things get really exciting.

Motorola Moto G7

The front panel houses the 6. That's a very technical name for a great display. The thing that stood out to me right away is the crisp resolution of the display that makes reading articles, scrolling through my Twitter feed or watching YouTube videos a pleasant experience. More so, the colors were rich and vibrant, making the colorful wallpapers I set up or the visually-striking movies I saw on Netflix really pop.

Beyond just the resolution, the overall footprint of the display changed with a reduced tear drop notch at the top. It is definitely gives it a more premium look, similar to the OnePlus 6T , though it is a little bigger. Most videos aren't affected, but the extra wide ones are. That's just a negative of notches, yet I'll take it over the chunky bezels of the Moto G6 every time. Not all is perfect with the display. Of course there are the limitations of LCD as opposed to OLED, and the overall brightness didn't quite match the glare of the blaring sun when using outdoors.

Another negative falls squarely on Motorola. There is a minor chin at the bottom of the phone, but Motorola couldn't leave it alone. It just had to slap on its full name down there leading to a tacky design choice that's just annoying. I'm also annoyed that the "M" logo on the back had to be placed inside the fingerprint scanner, not lower where most manufacturers place it. But I'll take this over the front logo any day of the week.

Shame on you, Motorola. Making the experience on the stunning hardware and display exceptional are the internals.

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Using it throughout the day for social media, answering emails, watching YouTube video and looking up things on Chrome, there were no hiccups at all. I know this is in large part due to the simplified software Motorola put in that is basically stock Android. This means the performance can focus on other more important stuff like refreshing your plus tabs on Chrome instead of wasting resources on dumb OEM software gimmicks like yesteryear.

I usually am quick to dismiss OEM software tweaks, but Motorola packs in some very useful ones that I actually used. Fast flashlight and Quick capture were some of of my favorite Moto Actions and Peek Display proved very useful at night. It delivered the notifications without turning on the whole display. Motorola also offers what it calls One Button Nav. Think of it as a streamlined version of the Android swipe button without the back button. One tap is the home button, a short swipe up is the multitasking and a swipe right is the back button.

It's more intuitive that I expected it to be, but I still prefer the Android buttons. Maybe I'm just avert to change.

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Let's return to the Moto G7 dual-camera because mobile photography is more important than ever. On the other side, living inside the notch is an 8MP front-facing shooter. The main camera is solid if unspectacular. It's the same symptom affecting other mid-range smartphones. That's not to say the camera sucks. It's good, but you are definitely sacrificing in that area.

The camera shines the most in perfect lighting conditions. Colors come out vibrant and saturated, and the photos have tons of detail. Processing is good and the overall quality is solid. At first, I only took shots in perfect sunlight conditions and was taken aback by how good the pictures were coming out.

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The story changed though in imperfect settings, such as low-light photography. It's large and bright and though there is a little bit of a "chin" bezel below the screen, it's also not like other Android phones don't have one either.

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Fortunately, Motorola's software is pretty darn close to stock and doesn't contain the kind of heavy resource-guzzling skin or bloatware apps found on other budget phones. The front and rear cameras are capable of portrait-style photos that blur the background without a secondary camera.

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Additionally, the G7 Play also has a "High-res Zoom" feature that shoots photos at 2x digital zoom, but with much sharper details than normal. Another new camera feature is called "auto smile camera," which only takes a selfie when it detects everyone in a shot up to five people are smiling and have stopped moving. Motorola's also added the popular "cinemagraph," "spot color" features from its flagship Moto Z phones to the G7 Play's camera. Below the camera is a physical fingerprint reader. There's also a headphone jack and USB-C port for charging.

Some people will complain about the large notch, but it's really a non-issue in The most notable difference is its massive 5, mAh battery. The huge battery can also be fast charged unlike the G7. The screen's larger at 6. The body's also made of a slightly more premium glossy polymer plastic that looks and feels like glass.

Under the hood is pretty much the same, save for a few differences.