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Unboxing Huawei Honor 8A Black color

I wrote about my experiences with the Huawei P9 in June and the Honor 8 is essentially that same device with some additional functionality and loss of Leica branding on the camera. I asked Huawei about the physical camera differences between the Honor 8 and P9, but have yet to receive a response.

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Everything looks the same on paper so they may indeed be the same cameras. The Honor 8 has 2. The sapphire blue is gorgeous and will be available for 60 days exclusively through Best Buy. The front is one piece of glass and the back is one piece of glass. A beveled metal frame surrounds the edges. The right side buttons are well positioned and provide good tactile feel.

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The dual rear cameras are flush mounted into the top upper back, unlike the big bulges we see on most other smartphones today. On the Huawei P9, the outer camera is monochrome while the inner one is color. On the Honor 8, the ability to capture a monochrome image is not yet enabled so you can only capture color images.

If you want a monochrome image you can choose the mono filter, but that's just filtering out the color from a color photo and not using the monochrome lens. Hopefully, a fix is released soon since I enjoy taking monochrome shots. You can check out full resolution images of some samples I capture on the Honor 8 in my Flickr album. The rear center fingerprint scanner also serves as a button. Labeled as the smart key, you can program it to perform different actions or launch apps with a single press, double press, or press and hold.

I've easily gotten through more than a day with the mAh battery and p display. You can use the included fast charger to charge it up quickly, but I found that other fast chargers do not kick it into overdrive. OnePlus has the same issue with its OnePlus 3. I personally do not understand why so many people I hear from hate this particular Android skin.

I like it and anyone who is satisfied with the Apple iPhone experience will like it. All apps are saved on a home screen panel, there is no app launcher. You can search for apps, contacts, and messages while seeing recently used apps just by swiping downwards on any display. While there are a couple things that make it function like iOS, it's an Android device so you can install any launcher you like and customize your user interface. You get the best of both worlds with a fairly pure and bloatware-free experience with the Honor 8 so just ignore all those hating on the EMUI.

There is no carrier crapware, but there are a few Huawei apps and utilities.

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These include a weather app, calculator, flashlight, recorder, mirror, compass, IR smart controller, and theme store. The Honor 8 supports Qeexo's FingerSense technology, rebranded as KnuckleSense by Huawei, that gives you the ability to use your knuckle on the display to perform a few selected actions, including:. You can tap on each setting to change the default apps listed above to apps you want to launch, but you cannot change the letter you write with your knuckle. This is the first time in the US we have seen Qeexo's technology on a mobile phone, but the company has been providing FingerSense to Huawei for a couple years.

It's interesting to see a company thinking outside the box a bit by providing a new interaction method with our very personal mobile devices. Huawei also has powerful camera software with a number of modes for capturing the perfect shot.

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While the hardware does not have optical image stabilization OIS , it is very fast at capturing images and I haven't noticed any issues with a lack of OIS. The dual camera setup lets you capture wide aperture images so you can selectively zoom and create fun bokeh photos.

There are plenty of other filters and cool software experiences within the camera app too. While the Honor 8 will be sold in pearl white, midnight black, and sapphire blue, the sapphire blue model will be a Best Buy exclusive for 60 days. My eval unit is a sapphire blue 32GB model. Similar to what HTC offers with its Uh Oh protection, those who purchase and register their Honor 8 will be eligible for a one-time repair of any accidental screen or back cover glass damage during the first three months of ownership.

There is no ability to expand your storage on the OnePlus 3 and you don't get the dual camera experience. The Honor 8 is extremely well designed and is perfect for slipping into your front pocket. While it doesn't have the highest resolution display, it looks the same as the high res smartphones to my eyes.