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Samsung Galaxy A80 is built for the Era of Live. Less distractions, better Live videos Measure may not be accurate and should be used for reference purposes only. The Intelligent Performance Enhancer recognizes your mobile habits and part and not a customer replaceable part and special tools are required). In.
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And when it comes to low light, the results are acceptable, but again, the detail seems to be missing. Using the night mode does help to some extent, but you need to keep your hand really steady to avoid blurry images. In theory, the same analysis should apply to selfies too, since the same camera setup handles shooting at the front as well. Inexplicably, Samsung chose to disable the autofocus when the camera flips to the front initially. However, a recent software update has enabled autofocus for the selfie mode, and post that, the output quality for shots captured with the snapper facing the front has improved.

You get both live focus as well as wide-angle options for selfies, and again, the images look good as far as the light conditions are good, but fail to impress in low light. The set of preloaded apps also sticks to the norms, with apps from Samsung, Microsoft and the standard fare from Google, along with others like Spotify and Netflix.

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In fact, the Galaxy A80 is the very first phone in India to come with this chipset. The Snapdragon G is the tweaked version of the SD chip we first saw in the Redmi K20, and features improved graphics. No wonder then that the A80 can handle intensive gaming with relative ease, and games like PUBG run smoothly even on high graphics settings. The 3,mAh battery may not sound as powerful as the higher rated ones many phones come with these days, but provides enough juice for you to eke out a full working day with medium usage. The battery supports 25W fast charging, so can be juiced up pretty quickly too.

Did I mention that the Galaxy A80 is a strange beast? Stranger things pun intended have happened in the smartphone world before, no doubt, but the price tag of Rs 47, for this device certainly seems baffling.

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Both these devices have their own unique take on camera-related and bezel-less display innovation, sport the more powerful Snapdragon chipset, and in general, offer more bang for the buck. Speaking of bang for the buck, the OnePlus 7 Pro review is also a very worthy option in the same price range as the Galaxy A Samsung Galaxy A80 design. By compatible we mean a phone that works with your current network. If your SIM card is not detected by the second phone, it means that the card may be faulty.

Try to wipe its gold contacts before inserting it. Sometimes, dust or dirt can block these metallic contacts and cause connection problems.

Android depends on a set of temporary files called system cache to load apps quickly. If this cache gets corrupted or outdated, a device may suddenly lag, freeze, or show signs of slow performance.

At other times, uncommon glitches may occur as well as overall performance of the system may also be affected. To ensure that your A80 has good system cache, we suggest that you clear it once every few months. Sometimes, network issues including No SIM Card error can be caused by incorrect network configuration. A bad third party app can be another reason for an Android issue. In this mode, all third party apps stop from running and only preinstalled ones will be allowed to load.

So, if the problem is not present on Safe mode, you can assume a third party app must be causing it.

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Safe Mode is not a solution by itself. If the error started after installing an app, make sure to delete the said app to fix it. If nothing changed on safe mode and the problem remains at this point, you must consider wiping the phone with factory reset.

Factory reset will return all software settings to their defaults. If the cause of the problem is software-related, factory reset might help. Learn how to factory reset below. Method 2: How to hard reset on Samsung Galaxy S10 using hardware buttons. If factory reset has not worked, visit your local Samsung Service Center and let them about the issue.

A technician needs to check the hardware in order to let you know if the problem can be fixed right there and then.