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Rating 3. Rating 4. Write a review. Highest to Lowest Rating. Not sure why so many negative reviews, but my A50 works excellent. Great screen, nice and crisp, fast processor, and all the apps I use work great.

Some are complaining about the GPS, but mine works fine. Samsung either fixed the issue or the other reviewers haven't synced their phone properly. Ther read more. Yes, I'd recommend this product. Was this review helpful? But I do think the Galaxy A50 is better, even if it's a bit more expensive. For that, it too earned itself an Editors' Choice.

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Though it doesn't shoot 4K video and I'm not a huge fan of Samsung's One UI, the A50's superior camera, sleeker design and longer battery life make it the better phone. Though both phones are similar in size and design, there are a few details that elevate the Galaxy A50 above the Moto G7. For instance, the Moto G7 has a larger camera bump on the back. Having a bump isn't a deal breaker, and a lot of phones have it including the iPhone. The Galaxy A50's camera is way more flushed, it looks flatter and sleeker. The on-screen camera notch for the front-facing camera is also smaller, so it's less obtrusive when you're viewing the display.

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Lastly, because the Galaxy A50 has an in-screen fingerprint scanner, the device looks more seamless overall. The Moto G7, on the other hand, has a visible reader on the back that's emblazoned with the Motorola logo and there's a Motorola logo on the front too, on the bottom bezel , which isn't as appealing. Though both phones have about the same resolution and pixel density, the Galaxy A50 screen is brighter and colors are much more vibrant.

Blacks are much darker and inkier as well. When viewing both phones at different angles, the color shift is more severe on the Moto G7 too. That means colors wash out dramatically and the screen appears to get dimmer at certain angles. One advantage the Moto G7 does have is that it's slightly water repellent. You can't fully submerge it underwater, but it does have a nano-coating that protects it against light water sprinkles and splashes.

Samsung did not add water protection to the A Both the Galaxy A50 and Moto G7 take clear and bright photos when conditions are ideal, as in settings with a lot of even lighting. Pictures are sharper, so you can see finer details in things like leaves and bricks. In low light, the A50 brightens and punches up colors, while photos taken with the G7 are muddier with much hazier and washed out colors.

The A50 also has a wider dynamic range, meaning scenes with different lighting situations are exposed more evenly compared to the Moto G7. I did notice that there were times when the A50's HDR effect looked a little too unrealistic, but I preferred it over the Moto G7 nonetheless. The Galaxy A50 has a second wide-angle camera too, meaning you capture more content within each frame. Well, technically the headphone jack is a dying breed in , so it's nice to see Samsung keeping it alive on its low-end phones — although Samsung doesn't include any headphones in the box with the A The back of the A50 is where things get a little more exciting, thanks to the glossy black finish.

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When you move and turn the A50, light reflects off it, showing flashes of the color spectrum. Also on the back of the phone are three cameras. There's a megapixel wide camera, an 8-megapixel ultra-wide-angle camera, and a 5-megapixel depth sensor. Despite its low cost, the A50 looks and feels a lot like the Galaxy S The all-glass back has a premium feel to it that's hard to find in entry-level phones. It runs Android 9.

All of those things combine to provide a generally smooth experience with great battery life. I don't have many complaints about the A50's overall performance. There were times, when multitasking and moving between multiple apps, that I noticed some delays and overall slower response, but that was temporary.

At no point during my testing did I feel that the A50 is underpowered. It's not going to offer the same level of performance as the Note 10, but that's expected. Using the in-display fingerprint sensor has been hit or miss for me. Sometimes it works quickly and without issue, but other times I had to try multiple times before the sensor would recognize my registered fingerprint.