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The Meizu M1 Note runs Flyme OS which is essentially a heavily Does it have the potential to be the best budget smartphone? watch has pre‚Äč-programmed modes for tracking other forms of exercise also.
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Phone Overview The very first moment I opened the box and saw the phone, my reaction was- What!! It is really 5. This is my 6th MEIZU phone and all other phones have big bezels on top and bottom so this phone looks small compared to other 5.

Meizu Pro 6 Plus

Even M5 with 5. Top and Bottom bezels are really small which makes it a perfect phone to handle. They are very small 1. There is mEngine which simulates the press of the button. It is also the fingerprint scanner. More details on it later. On right side, there is Power Button and Sim Tray.

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We can use 2 Nano sim only. We can not use Micro SD card. On left side, there are separate buttons for Volume Up and Down to make it easy for the users to find them in dark.

Meizu M5 Note Review - Better Than Xiaomi? A Solid Budget Phone!

On top side, there is just Secondary Voice Cancelation Mic. On bottom side, there is 3. Antenna Lines on top and bottom have some design pattern on it. Edges are curvy so the phone feels really good in hands. It is just 72mm thick. Earlier it was M6 Note but this is so beautiful. Material used is not Metal but it is Mixture of Stainless Steel and Aluminum and it is brushed to give it awesome look. This makes the phone lightweight just g. Also it fits in pockets very easily. It seems good on paper right? My experience with this display is awesome. In wallpapers or videos when there is black color, I can not differentiate between it and bezel color.

It blends with the bezel color which means it has true black color. Color are natural and even sunlight visibility is good. You can even change color temperature and display mode in settings.

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There is eye-protection mode to which will help when using phone at night. It had Always On Display feature too. Secondary camera is Telephoto lens and is used in Portrait Mode shots. It also has 3 times lossless zoom. There is an enhanced night mode too. Whenever there is low light, it automatically switches enhanced night mode and you will see small tooltip too on top. Front camera is 20MP and has AI capabilities. It is also used for quick face recognition. Well, camera is really good specially the main camera.

Front camera has more noise in low light conditions than the main camera. Main camera is very good in good lighting and even in low light, it performs good due to enhanced night mode. Portrait mode pictures are amazing as they do not look like fake because the blur is perfect. If I compare its camera with M6 Note, no doubt it is better overall. But difference is not huge. Slightly better selfie camera and better portrait shots due to better secondary camera 20MP vs 5MP. Regular photos with primary camera in both the phones are almost same. But better color reproduction, better saturation, better night shots, 3 times lossless zoom and faster shutter speed is what makes the camera of 15 awesome.

For me, they were very good in good lighting and not the same as primary camera in low lighting. You can check it to find out all new features in Flyme 7.

MEIZU M6s Dual SIM Smartphone 3GB RAM, 32GB Storage - Gold 2 year warranty

Unfortunately, Android Base is still Nougat not Oreo. This is the only letdown I found in software. It is not the underclock version of SD but the 2. This is where I felt the lot of difference between M6 Note and SD is really a very good SoC. I can feel my phone is very quick compared to SD Everything is opened very fast. RAM management is so good too. If I pause a video in YouTube app and close the app from task manager, I will get the same video minimized and paused where I left it.

Gaming performance is awesome too.

MEIZU M6s Dual SIM Smartphone 3GB RAM, 32GB Storage - Gold 2 year warranty

Also due to the display, playing games is lot more than just playing. Speakers volume is loud and has bass too. But 15 has slightly better speakers just due to the secondary speaker.

Meizu Blue Charm M5 Note: Successor to the M3 Note with 4, mAh battery - News

Without it, both have same speaker. Network Reception and Calling experience is very good. Receiver is loud enough and is clear too. With the launch of the HTC 10, it's time to pick the 10 best smartphones to get this year started. Ubuntu also uses the concept of "Scopes" which provide consolidated views of similar content, as opposed to having to switch between different apps to see similar information.

For example, in their Photos scope, your Instagram and Facebook photo feeds are simultaneously available from your accounts that are linked from the system. In fact even BlackBerry 10 and the Playbook remember that thing? All of this is interesting from a purely geek perspective, but I am not sure this is going to resonate with consumers.

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  4. Some hard-core open source Linux fans may like it, and potentially it has some limited vertical market applications as well where Android is not necessarily the best choice. But I don't see Meizu going gangbusters with this phone. We haven't seen the Android-based Pro 6 yet, but I expect that it will stretch the limits of what you can put into a phone from a quality and cost perspective.

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