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Talking of the new software, T-Mobile OnePlus 7 Pro is now receiving the first software update over-the-air. The update is labeled with Oxygen OS 9. Post this update your device performance will improve. So, if you stay tuned to us and want to get all the latest updates about your OnePlus 7 Pro, then you can find them in one place. The OTA update should find its way into your devices automatically. T-Mobile has always been punctual with software updates so we expect T-Mobile to keep up with that.

Routine software support will definitely add icing on the cake. So, install the new OnePlus 7 Pro software update and enjoy. OnePlus 7 Pro is the best ever smartphone made by OnePlus. But there's no denying it continues to make powerful phones with coveted features at ridiculously competitive prices. In short, the OnePlus 7 Pro's sharp display, superb triple rear camera setup and fast processor make it not only one of the best phones for its price, but one of the best phones right now, period.

Originally published May Update, July 30 : Adds water-resistance tests observations. While most phones have a refresh rate of 60 frames per second put in another way, in one second the display refreshes 60 times , the OnePlus 7 Pro has a 90Hz display with a crisp 1,pixel resolution. By refreshing 90 frames a second, things like scrolling through webpages and apps feels really fluid.

The difference isn't necessarily night and day, but if you're a gamer, you'll definitely appreciate that extra smoothness. Keep in mind that the OnePlus 7 Pro isn't the only mobile device with an enhanced Hz display. A few gaming phones , like the Razer Phone 2 , has a Hz display, and are showing users the benefits of those extra hertz.

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Even though I'm not a gamer I certainly find the feature compelling, and when I switched back to viewing the OnePlus 6T, the screen felt "draggy" even though I knew there wasn't anything wrong with it. Overall, the phone looks fantastic. The display is razor-sharp and thanks to the pop-up camera, it's all screen; there's no cutout tab or teardrop notch or "hole punch" dot.

Perhaps my biggest complaint, though, is that the phone feels heavy and big. That doesn't sound like a lot, but I definitely feel its weightiness when I hold it, especially when I'm taking a photo with one hand or attempting to stuff it in my jean pockets. On its rear the OnePlus 7 Pro has an ultra wide-angle camera, a standard camera and a telephoto camera. Photos are clear, bright and vibrant and I'm impressed with the camera's HDR rendering. In one particular shot of a dark room and a big bright window, the OnePlus 7 Pro lit up the foreground better than even the Pixel 3 -- the current low-light king -- though the latter retained more details of the outside.

There were times however that the OnePlus 7 Pro took better low-light photos than the Pixel 3's Night Sight, which is quite impressive. The phone's 3X telephoto zoom combined with a 10x digital zoom means the phone could zoom in on faraway objects while maintaining clarity and stability. With the wide-angle camera, you can fit way more content in each frame, though shots taken on the wide-angle camera appeared muddier near the edges. The OnePlus 7 Pro also took great portrait shots.

Though its depth of field was shorter than the Pixel 3, Galaxy S10E and iPhone XR, the falloff between the fore- and background was smooth while my subject looked sharp. One novel thing about the phone is its front-facing camera. It addresses a number of bugs like the fingerprint sensor not working with Samsung Pay and the Air Command icon not showing up when you remove the S Pen — learn more here.

The update has been released by most carriers including Rogers, Fido, and Telus.

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However, the carrier then quickly pulled the update , likely due to some last minute bugs. February 12, — Samsung is now rolling out the fourth beta update to the Galaxy Note 8. It comes in at around MB and addresses a few issues, with the biggest one related to editing hotspot names. February 15, — Samsung Galaxy Note 8 owners are finally receiving a sweet slice of Pie. The stable update is being rolled out in Bulgaria, Slovakia, and India. It should make its way to other markets soon. The update has been spotted on Reddit , at PhoneArena , and via a tip from one of our readers.

It brings the new One UI skin to the devices and includes the January security patches. However, the update is limited to Russia for now. The update has the February security patch on board. The update should be released in other markets soon. The update also includes the March security patch for all three phones. We expect the update to be released in other markets soon. More countries are expected to join the list soon. The update is only available in Russia for now, but it should make its way to other markets soon.

June 10, — Tizen Help reports that the Android Pie update for the Galaxy J7 Pro, which was released in Russia last week, is now rolling out in a bunch of other countries including Mexico, Spain, and Algeria. The update should hit other markets soon.

However, only the LTE model is getting the update for now. We expect it to reach the Wi-Fi model soon as well as the devices in other countries. As reported by SamMobile , the update is hitting devices in Spain and should be released in other markets in the coming weeks. It should make its way to other regions soon. The update could also be available in a number of other countries — or will be soon.

December 30, — LG has revealed its update roadmap for the first quarter of January — March.

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The company plans to roll out the latest version of Android to the G7 ThinQ in that time frame, while the V40 ThinQ is only expected to get a performance update. Additionally, LG revealed when we can expect to see Pie on its other devices. The update includes the April security patch, five new camera features, and more. The update has apparently been released in the U.

Carrier variants are expected to get the update soon, with Telus saying it will release it on June According to Reddit users, the update is now available for U.

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Cellular customers and in various countries including Borneo and Hong Kong. The update is being released for the unlocked variants of the phone as well as those that were sold though Google Fi and Amazon as part of the retailers Prime Exclusive lineup. We expect the update to make its way to other markets soon.

If true, the stable version may be released within a matter of weeks. December 26, — According to Notebookcheck , Sprint is finally rolling out the Android 9.

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The update is expected to hit other markets soon. December 9, — According to an Asus customer service representative , Android 9 Pie for the Zenfone Max Pro M1 is expected to be released by the end of February December 27, — It looks like Asus has decided to speed things up. We expect the update to be released globally by the end of January , as originally planned. The update will be pushed out in batches, so it may take some time before it reaches your device.

You can learn more about it here. February 27, — Asus has revealed a list of phones that will be upgraded to Android Pie. However, the company did not share a time frame for each device. You can check out the entire list of phones below, some of which have already received the Pie update. You can sign up here.

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The company now promises these three phones will get the update by April 15 at the latest. Nubia will instead focus its efforts on other devices in its lineup. February 19, — Razer has revealed the Android Pie update roadmap for its gaming-centered Razer Phone 2.

On February 27, the latest version of Android will start rolling out to the unlocked variants of the device. To see how the beta version of Android Pie performs on the Razer Phone 2, check out our hands-on post at the link. May 9, — Realme has announced that it will ship out the beta version of Android Pie with ColorOS 6 on top to a few phones soon. Then there are the Reame 2 and C1, which will get it on June July 31, — Nvidia announced the Shield Experience Upgrade 8.

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Google released the first Android P developer preview on March 7, The third Android P preview beta 2 released June 6, Following that, the fourth Android P preview launched on July 2, It included the latest Android security patches as well as some bug fixes and minor tweaks. Google released the fifth Android P developer preview beta 4 on July This release candidate build includes final APIs and system behaviors. Google released the final, public version of Android 9 Pie on August 6.

The Android P beta was available for the following devices :. Did we miss anything? Sound off in the comments! Check out our Android 10 update hub for an estimate of where your phone will get it Android 9 Pie review: Closing the gap How to install Android 9 Pie on your phone right now Download: Android 9 Pie factory images and OTA files for Pixel devices Digital Wellbeing hands-on: Prepare to be scared of your phone forever Key Android Pie update features We have a complete overview of all the new features in our Android 9 Pie review.