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Google Spy App, a mobile monitoring software that let you spy on any Android smartphone (Galaxy Note 10, Moto G8 Play, OnePlus 7, LG G8X.
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Pixel feature #2: Google Lens on demand

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Pixel 4 and 4 XL problems and how to fix them - Android Authority

Need help? Instant login. You can turn Soli and the face unlock feature off, but using the Pixel then becomes a punishment. Even if you do prefer a passcode to the facial recognition tech, Android Q is shifting the entire Google software ecosystem away from buttons and toward swipes and other on-screen gestures. Note: You can actually reactivate the back button in the settings. Android users have loved this button for a decade now. It was originally a hard, physical button on phones and has become a virtual button on the screen over the years.

But it always allowed you to tap the bottom left corner of the screen to go back on a web page, or back out of an app.

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This was immensely helpful, for instance, for exiting out of those links you open in email, which take you to an in-app browser. To go back using the Pixel 4 default UI, you need to swipe perpendicularly across the screen.

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  4. But guess what? If you refuse to use the new swipe gesture, have fun using the in-app interface buttons in the upper left corner of the phone—literally the farthest possible spot for your thumb to reach. Eventually, Soli may lead to other gestural functionality. According to one piece of research PDF , midair swiping actually requires more cognitive load than swiping or pressing a button on an actual screen. Air swiping is neat! It makes for a futuristic-looking video. I get why the Pixel 4 was designed the way it was.

    At the recent Milan design fair, the company demonstrated how rooms designed in various ways could literally calm your body down. I can imagine how the Pixel 4 emerged out of this thinking.

    Coaching you to a healthier and more active life

    In theory, a phone designed to enhance our well-being needs to literally see us and sense us. It needs to scan the environment and know its context.

    Google Pixel 4 XL vs. iPhone 11 Battery Test

    Perhaps, one day, Google will realize this vision. But the Pixel 4 marks an awkward first step into that future, like a poor baton pass in the middle of a relay race.