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The manufacturer's warranty period is two years. Additional gadgets made for the handset are not sold, at least not in Germany. The headset presents a problem at least subjectively. Voice sounds good with them, which is important in telephony, but the earplugs are too big and can only be adapted to the ear with difficulty.

ZTE uses Google's stock keyboard as the primary input interface. The keys' arrangement allows finding them quickly, and they are big enough to prevent frequent typos. In total, it is a keyboard that is pleasing to use.

ZTE does not treat the V8 to its own voice control. Instead, it is possible to use the search feature that Google provides for voice inputs.

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A window that displays Google-relevant information opens via prolonged pressure on the home button. The symbol for voice input is situated at the upper edge. The touchscreen allows for smooth workflow. Rarely does the finger "stick" to the screen, i. This phenomenon appears when scrolling through long menus and swiping over the same place. However, this phenomenon can be explained with moist fingers and the skin's thin, oily layer.

Auto-rotate needs a moment before it detects a change in position. This delay is shorter the slower the handset is rotated, but it is still noticed. The fingerprint scanner is very fast and accurate. The fingerprint is identified reliably even when placing the finger slightly slanted on the scanner. The V8 can only be unlocked via the usual methods, i. PIN, password, and pattern. Due to the absence of a dedicated voice control, the Blade V8 cannot be unlocked via a voice command.

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A pixel density of PPI is the result on the 5. This places the handset in the midfield in the comparison.

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The reproduction is very sharp. This, in conjunction with a maximum brightness of Candela per square meter, leads to a very good brightness that even makes outdoor use in the shade possible. The screen's illumination could be a bit more homogeneous in total. This decrease is sometimes visible when looking very closely, and the screen's upper right corner seems to be darker than the rest.

However, this is not annoying during use. There should be no flickering or PWM above this brightness setting. If PWM was detected, an average of minimum: 5 - maximum: Hz was measured.

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The IPS screen displays images with high color accuracy, which is owed to the implemented technology and comparatively high brightness. With a black level of 0. For example, dark colors in videos look saturated. Nevertheless, the V8 tends to display black more grayish than a rich black. The screen in the Blade V8 allows indoor and outdoor use. The brightness is absolutely sufficient for outdoor use, but the handset should not be exposed to direct sunlight. Content can only be recognized with difficulty if at all in direct sunlight. It is possible to leave brightness control up to the ambient light sensor.

It adapts the screen's brightness according to the ambient light. Thanks to the underlying IPS technology, the viewing-angle stability is relatively high. However, only up to a certain point. This is not a problem as such extreme viewing angles are rarely used in everyday handling. The Snapdragon octa-core processor by Qualcomm operates under the Blade V8's hood. Thus, ZTE installs a mid-range CPU with enough computing power in its basic architecture to deal with all routine scenarios. The Snapdragon operates in two clusters. The performance has been grouped into four cores in each cluster.

One group clocks at 1. Expressed in figures, the Blade V8 scores average to good in almost all benchmarks. Although its scores usually lag behind the comparison devices by a few points, they are furnished with somewhat stronger hardware in comparison. This image is also reflected in the Chrome browser and internal storage benchmarks. The rivals sometimes have a lead. However, the work performance is good subjectively. Practical tests prove that the V8 can deal with 3D applications, such as games. The performance and multitasking largely function without problems, and short lags are rare and only appear during extremely high performance demand.

Switching among applications is also performed without dropouts. The programs continue where they were closed. The outcomes can almost be transferred without change to the browser benchmarks in terms of pure performance. The test with Google's Chrome browser shows that the V8 is sooner situated in the lower performance sector. In the test with Jetstream 1. The V8 only achieves a very good placing in the Mozilla Kraken test. Unfortunately, we do not have any figures for comparison here, but the performance is decent when using the proprietary browser. Consequently, at least the V8's browsing performance is extremely dependent on the used platform.

The storage has been selected well in the big comparison. Only the 6X defeats the V8 in a direct comparison. The storage rates are not great seen on the whole, but the V8 is still a mid-range smartphone and its rates are very good for this category.

They present a performance that is reflected in the subjective handling. Data is written quickly on both the internal storage and micro-SD card and are read just as fast.

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The Adreno is a mid-range graphics solution. Asphalt 8 settles to 19 FPS on average. An average of up to 29 FPS is reached when playing, but this rate cannot be kept stably. The position sensor and accelerometer quickly detect whether and how the handset is moved. Inputs on the touchscreen were implemented directly even during demanding games.

The functionality during gaming cannot be criticized.

A minor "issue": A hand could quickly cover the speaker and muffle the sound when playing a game. The temperatures are not a big issue during normal use. The smartphone only heats up moderately.

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This is barely noticed and is not unpleasant, either. It gets a bit warmer when performance-driven software is used. The temperature climbs slightly. However, handling does not get unpleasant then, but it is sometimes felt through clothing when used on the lap. The V8 cools down again quite quickly after use. It becomes evident that the temperature remains above Thus, the temperature only has a minor impact on the V8's behavior during permanent load. The main speaker on the lower edge sounds quite decent for this price range.

It does not produce any static noise even at full volume and the sound does not distort. The high and mid tones sound good, but low tones are completely absent. When playing songs, it can sometimes happen that the vocals are slightly subdued and the music becomes too dominant. A pleasing feature is the Dolby audio support. It is enabled with the corresponding button in the second status row.