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See LG G8 smartphone reviews about the stunning Crystal Sound OLED, processor is no joke,I open a app up an instantly its phone feels great in hand.
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Similar to the G7, on its left side, the G8 features a volume rocker and a dedicated Google Assistant button. Due to its rounded bezels and its size While I appreciate this design choice, when you lay the smartphone down on a flat surface, it typically begins to slide. This experience becomes even worse when playing music, as the Boombox speaker — technology that vibrates the air inside of the handset to amplify sound — causes the G8 ThinQ to vibrate a lot.

Additionally, LG adding more spec configuration options such as RAM, storage and size variants to the phone would have been preferable as this is quickly becoming common with other smartphone manufacturers. The pictures I took looked good and retained colours, but are slightly colder.

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Images are quite bright, and the device has a Night View mode that can make images even brighter in the dark. I was expecting a pronounced bokeh with the addition of the time of flight camera, but I was left unimpressed. Like the G7, the G8 has the Boombox speaker, mentioned above, which can also amplify sound when laying on a surface. What might be a concern for audiophiles is that the G7 can get louder than the G8. LG says that Hand ID is even safer than a fingerprint scanner.

One aspect of this rear camera setup that stands out from the pack is that these two cameras are designed so there is no protrusion from the rear and the back glass panel also serves to cover the camera lenses. Some competitors now have three rear cameras, but I personally feel the utility of 2x or 3x telephoto lenses is limited compared to ultra-wide angle cameras.

Review: LG G8 ThinQ has great ideas ruined by bad ones - 9to5Google

This capability is often overlooked, but the MIL-STD G certification of the G8 is something to seriously consider when you are in the market for a new smartphone. LG is also one of the rare brands to offer microSD expansion card support and a standard 3. It takes it even further with an integrated Quad DAC for the headphone jack so that you get an optimal audio experience when plugging in a headset. Something is going on with Bluetooth though as the volume from the G8 to a wireless Bluetooth headset is lower than any other phone I have tested. LG also supports enjoyable audio playback through the speakers on the phone itself with its BoomBox speaker chamber design.

It was louder and clearly than I anticipated and the technology is impressive to me as an engineer. A dedicated Google Assistant button is on the left side with two volume buttons while a single power button is on the right. The new ToF time of flight camera on the front is used to control the Air Motion and Hand ID, while also helping with depth sensing for portrait mode shots. I setup and used both hand features for a few days, but both were inconsistent and unreliable so I gave up in the first week.

I couldn't come up with a justifiable use case for either, especially given the super fast rear capacitive fingerprint reader and Google Assistant hardware button. Android 9 Pie is installed by default with the 1 April Android security patch. LG has a terrible record for major software updates, but even more concerning is the lag in release of the monthly Android security updates. If you like to customize your phone to the Nth degree, then you will like using the LG G8. There are more than 75 primary settings options, with more available as you dive into these top-level options.

As a detail-oriented person I don't mind having that many options, but it can easily be overwhelming for the masses. Many of these advanced settings are required for enhanced functions such as the Quad DAC audio system, floating bar, Air Motion, and more. Out of the box, the G8 comes with the home screen set like the iPhone with all apps present on the home screen.

LG's newest smartphone is heavy on gimmicks, light on features that matter

Your Google Discover page is also an option as a home screen panel, which I personally find incredibly useful and use on every Android device I can find that supports this. As an Android traditionalist, I prefer the home and app drawer setup so quickly switched to this layout.

The problem here is that the app drawer is a major disappointment so maybe I should go back to the default.

LG G8 Impressions: Can't Touch This!

In the app drawer, LG provides a couple select folders and then app shortcuts are placed one after the other as they are installed. There are a few menu options for organizing apps, but even if you select alphabetical that only applies to that moment. Apps installed after accessing the menu appear back in installed order so you have to reorganize again. It's pretty terrible that you have to so actively manage the app drawer and I look forward to the day LG updates this area of the OS. Just like Samsung, LG provides some duplicate apps in addition to what is provided within Android.

I prefer some of these over what Google offers, such as email excellent for Exchange accounts , FM radio, file manager, and gallery. However, the rest of the apps seem to offer more confusion than utility, especially when these apps are then updated via LG SmartWorld rather than the Google Play Store. The camera application is well designed with a simple interface similar to what we see on the iPhone and other modern Android smartphones.

Auto mode launches by default with bottom swipe options including studio, portrait, auto, AI Cam, manual camera, and more. More options includes slo-mo, cine shot, manual video, cine video, panorama, flash jump-cut, food, night view, YouTube Live, and AR stickers. The funny thing is, on some level LG was aware that this could happen, so it cleverly provided a software button on the pad to switch displays. Unfortunately, though, this button never actually worked in my experience — it was always greyed out.

LG G8s ThinQ review: Too late, too little

And still, even when you get the gamepad situated just right, it doesn't always improve the experience. Racing fan that I am, I found the console-style pad was totally ineffective for Asphalt 9: Legends; the fake analog sticks were impossible to locate without looking at them, and far too cumbersome for cornering. Using the driving controller in tandem with haptic feedback definitely helped, though it still took quite a lot of getting used to. On the surface, the differences are vast — the Galaxy Fold has a single 7. However, in other respects, the two devices are more similar than you might think.

In short, Galaxy Fold buyers at this stage are really paying for the privilege of being among the first in the world to have a flexible display in the palm of their hands. The technology is exciting to watch, though seemingly not ready for widespread public consumption yet — making the G8X the much safer choice for anyone interested in a phone that folds.

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The 6. Color reproduction is still strong here, as the G8X registered Still, we noticed a slight difference in white balance when comparing both screens. It was a nice night, so I snagged one more picture from the same vantage point with the G8X — but this time, I used the ultrawide lens.

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  7. This shot really illustrates how the shorter focal length can transform your shooting, though it comes with a tradeoff. But the consequence is more distortion at the fringes. Phone makers have tried various methods to correct for the stretched, blurry fisheye effect you often get from ultrawide cameras — sometimes by using artificial intelligence, and other times by physically cropping into the center of the frame and discarding the fringes.