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What should I do if I lost my Android mobile phone today? 2, Views How can I find a lost phone if I do not have the IMEI number? This will work provided you setup your Huawei ID and enabled “Find My Phone” in Huawei Cloud.
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Below are step-by-step instructions for mobile printing, adding a printer and choosing a printing app for Android, iOS and Windows. While there are some third-party Android apps that can address your printing needs, it's likely best to stick with Google Cloud Print.

How To Find Your Lost Android Phone Without Installing An App

This official application, recommended by Android, provides you with the capability of printing directly from whatever program you're in, be it a web browser, email client or document management system. Instead of having to open a separate app, Google Cloud Print allows you to print directly from your phone or tablet. Keep in mind that your specific printer may work better using its own plugin or application. For example, HP's printer app is a plugin you can download in the Google Play app store.

Installation Guide

Once it's downloaded, you'll be able to easily print. There may be other printer apps for Android, but make sure you're using either the Google Cloud Print app or your printer's preferred plugin. Third-party apps may not be the best method. Apple's built-in AirPrint feature makes it easy to print directly from any iPhone or iPad without downloading additional programs to your mobile device.

If you're still having trouble using AirPrint, make sure you're running the latest version of iOS and that the app you're printing from doesn't have any updates available. If you have a Windows 8 device without a built-in driver, here's what you need to do to wirelessly print:. This is a simple step that could really help you out in the long run, so get to it! On all Android devices that come with Google Play Services is a handy little tool that can allow you to remotely locate, lock, ring and erase your smartphone with just a few taps.

If you have access to a computer, visit google. From here you can track where your Android device is located, which will definitely come in handy. Okay, so what if you lost your Android smartphone in your house? Android Device Manager is a handy tool that can help in some instances, but there are still a few more services you can implement to ensure your device stays safe.

AirDroid is also a great option, boasting the usual location tracking and remote wiping features as most other apps.

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Even if you have some lock screen security set up, whoever has your phone will now have the ability to answer it if it rings. No results.

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