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Service - Need repair? The P10 is a classier affair with a glass back and a silvery highlight strip that runs around the frame. When you first take it out of the box, the tablet looks and feels quite expensive.

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The bottom edge has Pogo pins that enable it to connect to the dock for power — it still has to connect via Bluetooth for the speaker and the volume controls on the dock to work. The front-facing camera is above the screen and rated at 5 megapixels. Big bezels around the screen detract from the premium feel the P10 is shooting for, though they do make it easier to hold. The While it is a nice-looking tablet, with few peers in this price range, I found the Smart Tab P10 a little uncomfortable to handle. That silvery strip around the edge is almost sharp and the glass back is cold and immediately covered in smudges that make it look dirty.

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Once properly set up, you can just slide the P10 into the dock and it will switch into smart display mode. It has an unobtrusive design with gray fabric concealing the speakers and controls on the right-hand side. Put together the P10 and dock look good, the tablet is easy to slide in and out, and the pair will blend in easily in most environments. It crashed more than once during the setup process.

The three did not patiently take turns as you might hope. It took a couple of run throughs and restarts for me to get things straight. It also intermittently refused to download or update apps through the Play Store, something I could find no obvious reason for. It comes fairly barebones, which is a good thing. Skype is there too, but most of the 64GB is free for you to fill; there is room for a MicroSD card should you need one.

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This is one of the potential reasons to buy it over a cheaper Amazon Echo Show. Sadly, the Lenovo Smart Tab P10 lived down to expectations. The Qualcomm Snapdragon processor is slow. I dread to think how the 2GB M10 runs. The busy Marvel Future Fight was much worse; it immediately suggested running in lower graphical quality and suffered from frequent dropped frames and slow loading.

PUBG Mobile was just playable with the lowest graphical settings. The P10 is probably not a good choice for gamers. You get access to all the usual Alexa skills, you can use it to control your smart home devices, and it works as a display showing the time and weather.